Ticket Sales

Anyone hear how sales are going? Nice night for a game

8) Scott Mitchell said the other day they expect in the 20,000 range again !!!
 Maybe this decent weather today will entice a few more via the walk up crowd !!!

It sure didn't look like 20,000. And after this game it won't be a surprise to see the numbers dwindle even further.

The announced figure was 21,204.

I feel badly saying this, but there is no way that there were 21,204 tickets sold. Yes, I appreciate that the Cats announce tickets sold, not turnstile, but a lot of ticket buyers would have had to stay home for that number to be accurate.

JAG, is it possible that old owners conned us into believing that there was only 16-17k there when there was more?

I find it hard to believe that there were MORE than 10,000 empty seats there tonight... you know?

Looked about that to me.

8,000 empty seats.

They gave alot of free tickets away last night. I know my friends sat in section 5 and their group got about 300 tickets all over the stadium. I actually went and sat beside them for the second half up there and the speakers were so loud you couldnt even talk to the person beside you.
And whoever selects the music needs a wrap across the head. Have they heard of the Beatles or the Stones? Cats are on their way down the field just before 1/2 time and i'm hearing some piano music??? Start of "Dont Stop Believing", but piano music just the same......How does this get the fans fired up??
And the first song they play has a "bleeped" word every second line...lol.
Great family music.
Sit in section 5, bring ear plugs.
Defence played ahhhsummm.....but they were pooped by the 4th quarter.