ticket sales for the winnipeg game

heard today on the radio they have over 30.0000 sold for the winnipeg game

Expecting close to 35.000

That's great to see. The Bombers are usually a good draw given their rivalry with the Lions over the years and I expect to see their fans out in full force on Saturday.

With the Bombers gunning for 2nd spot.... I expect a the intensity level to be heightened considerably from the Hamilton game.

I dont think the lions want to be playing winnipeg at home in the grey cup, so if buono can put this together, they want to win it, so winnipeg has less of a chance to make it if they have to play mtl/tor at home.......


way to go lions fan's over 31,000 sold for this saturday's game,So much for for nobody cares about this team, if we can get an excellent crowed this weekend, imagine how well the western final is going to get, Pleas lions do not go in and play a stinker,we want to see some exciting football.

Great to see the big crowd, would be nice if Milt got a standing O after he sets the record…:slight_smile:

i guarrentee they will BC fans got some class

Milt is only allowed one more TD. Then they pull him just like they did to Pringle...

Wow really? 31,000. Sweet! Can't wait for the game! Bring it Bombers! Go Lions!