Ticket Sales for the West Final

22,000 sold as of noon on Tuesday November 8.

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/football/lions/tickets+sold+western+final/5677546/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/foot ... story.html[/url]

Get out there and buy those tickets, we need a big crowd to support our team!

Yea just found out me and my family are goin about 6 of us or so.

This will be my 5th game this year.

From following West Final attendance for a long time, 22,000 as of Tuesday (and it's early early thursday Morning/Wednesday night) is a good sign. If we can hit 30,000 or more by this weekend we could be lookin at a sellout.

This team deserves. I posted on my FB and Twitter account, a person such as myself who is also on the Vancouver Canucks site, I stated the Lions are the best talent in the city no question right now.

What they've done this year deserves two straight sellout BC lions game in the playoffs and a BC lions win. This has been my favourite season to be a Lions fan.

The Lions are at 28,500 tickets sold, for Thur at 11AM. Should be over 30,000 by end of day Thur

While I too, expected it to be a bit higher as of Tuesday, I think we'll be just fine. It's usually just the hardcores first, then once the opponent is determined and the hype begins, the casuals. Tickets moved very fast just prior to the BC Place opener, and Vancouver is notoriously a "last minute" town.

One thing I am not sure of is who the bigger draw will be. Calgary (inexplicably) drew our 2 lowest crowds of the season (for Empire and for BCP). But if Edmonton wins, they will have been our home opponent 3 of the last 5 games. At a certain point, diminishing returns (aka "The Esks again?!?") sets in.

Interesting. I know we haven't bought our tickets yet, so those extra 6 will be comin shortly.

We only need 24,500 and we're sold out. That's not too bad considering the semi-finals haven't even happened yet. Lets see where it's at on monday.

[b]Rumor has it that The FeLions will be handing free 600ml Pepsi and Diet Pepsi vouchers to anyone and everyone who has a ticket! Vouchers are redeemable at designated Pepsi concession stands found throughout the concourse area. Pepsi will be served ice- cold in glass bottles with the retro labels.

Wow! this should guarantee an additional 25,000 fans! I'm going to buy 6 more tickets just so I can get my Pepsi. I don't care where the seats are! :smiley: [/b]

Jeepers, the BC lions section of the forum is turning into a Pepsi forum now.

Makes you wish for days of old when we used to debate really important things:
Are Nina and Tyrone the same person?
Should Wally wear a headset?
Should we sign Casey Printers?

I'm guessing in general the Pepsi drinkers also thought CP was going to be a good signing whilst Coke drinkers preferred Lulay.

pepsi drinkers are class, who drink fine wines

coke drinkers are barbarians who drink beer and ale.

never was a cp fan.

Most classy things happened in the 30's and 40's when Pepsi wasn't even a sneeze compared to Coca-Cola CLASSIC, hint the word Classic actually part of the name! lol

The coolest stuff is old Coke machines and the classy Trademark Coke Bottle.

Coca-Cola is by far the classier drink.

Lets not forget Coca-Cola is older than Pepsi. Pepsi is just a cheap knockoff of the "real thing"

Who knows? lol I know I sure didn't and I love Pepsi.

Here's a little trivia. Which do you think Lulay "prefers"? Careful when you guess. The answer will surprise you! :thup:

I may just convert!

Pepsi - Coke?
Chevy - Ford?
Night - Day?
Real - Fake?
Silcone - Salean?

I vote for Fake and Slicone.
The rest of the comparisons, are not worthy of discussion.
Obviously, we all have "way to much time", on our hands, to be wasting it on topics like this! lol

I don't know about too much time on our hands. If Beagle talked to Lulay at practice and found out which soft drink is his fave, I'd love to hear the answer.

The Lions passed the 40,000 mark Sat night

Hold on, you don't think the Mustang (Ford) vs the Camaro (Chevy) the greatest car rivalry of all time is not worthy of comparison? lol

I vote for night time too, daytime sux0rz lmao jk

Real or fake, as long as they're not floppy

Where did you hear that? That’s awesome!

Do you have a source for this? It would be great if it is true but I have a hard time believing it (I hope I'm wrong!).

I've been following the ticket sales on Ticketmaster and there are still lots of seats showing up in the first half-dozen rows in the upper bowl as well as lots of seats available in the lower bowl. I would have expected something closer to 30-32k.

I have to agree with you, Mr.B... That sounds like typical marketing hype BS at it's finest.

I've been playing around on TM.ca as well and no way there are 40K tickets sold. There are even lower bowl seats still available. I'm sure there will be 40K+ or maybe even a sell out by next sunday but those numbers right now are almost sure to be exaggerated.

How is it BS marketing if it's not even coming from the Lions?

The guy just pulled a number out of thin air... they haven't given a number even close to that, they gave 20,000 last week and haven't said anythign since

So what is your point then?