Ticket Sales For Playoff Game Look Slow

Ticket Sales For Playoff Game Look Slow.

More room in the concourse for me…

People waiting to see what the weather forecast looks like. It will eventually sell out.

Hope you’re right.

Unfortunately, the weather could be iffy. Hopefully, the golden horseshoe will be rained out by then.

I don’t know, Krisiun… This team hasn’t shown any desire to play meaningful football in the absence of Brandon Banks as well as the other plethora of injuries plaguing this team. Who’s the trainer on this team? Fire that guy. Something’s very wrong. These guys can’t take a hit. The Leafs suck without Auston Mathews - their superstar and the Ticats have done nothing the past two weeks but their best to prove to fans that they suck without Brandon Banks. Couple that uncertainty with their penchant for unbelievably stupid penalties and not a whole lot of folks are in a trusting mood all of a sudden. The. Cats. Need. To. Stop. Beating. Themselves.

The ticats are in the bottom half of the league in man games missed due to injury. They’ve just come at the same position, and still not as bad as Calgary.

Then what is responsible for all the carnage at the receiver spot in Hamilton? I think I can tell you what the problem is right here and now. The fear of lifting weights. Small guys don’t lift weights and no wonder why they’re the first ones hurt.

Williams and Saunders were non contact.

Tolliver is concussion.

It’s bad luck. Calgarys big receivers got hurt more than our small guys did.

What’s responsible is turf and bad luck.

did you buy your ticket yet Kevin?

The craziest thing about all the injured receivers is those other 10 guys injured really don’t matter at all… if only Banks wasn’t hurt everything would look ten times better.

What happened to the days when weather didn’t matter - we just all showed up prepared for the weather.
Don’t miss the playoff game - who knows about next year?
Once Halifax comes in the league, we may even make the playoffs less.

HAM didn’t win second place we bumbled and fell back into it . Pretty much the vibe thats radiating right now.

That's going to be true of every other team...

Considering how far behind Ottawa we are I think it's probably pretty likely we will be behind Halifax

There's only a handful left on the west side, and this what the east side looks like:

Doesn't look that bad to me?

Do you think it’s more the result of turf or bad luck? I don’t remember the exact nature of the injuries but I do remember that turf was hard as a rock when I played on it in Highschool. Maybe they should have put in grass in the new THF. All these man games lost to injuries, if attributable to turf, is killing the Ticats.

Grass in this climate ends up having its own set of issues. Just check out TFC’s problems at the start of the year. Still would be pretty cool…

What are the chances Halifax hosts/ wins a grey cup before us?

Ottawa did both!

One week to go, but a lot of people that wouldn't bother showing up to a meaningless game against Ottawa in garbage weather will show up for a playoff game worse weather.

Chambers tore his ACL before training camp began - can’t blame the turf.
Saunders tore his ACL while landing awkwardly after receiving a high pass - can’t blame the turf.
Williams ruptured his ACL while doing a standing start - can’t blame the turf.
Banks broke his clavicle while being tackled and having the DB drive him into the ground using his full weight - can’t blame the turf.
Owens re-injured his foot, the same one that has kept him out of football for 2 seasons, within the first 15 minutes of his first practice - can’t blame the turf.
Toliver has a concussion - can’t blame the turf.