ticket sales for monday

Anyone know how many tickets have been sold for monday, was at roar store yesterday, said they were going well....go cats go.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Tickets are going well and that is because of the loyal and continued support of our Ticat fans.

If you are still looking for tickets or have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 905.547.2287.

Here is some information for the upcoming weekend:

Store hours:

Limeridge - Sat 9:30 - 6pm ; Sun 12 - 5pm
Jackson - Sat 10 - 4pm ; Sun Closed
Centre - Sat 9:30 - 5:30pm ; Sun 12 - 5pm

Stores are closed on Monday

Box Office:

Sat 10 - 5pm ; Sun 10 - 4pm ; Mon 10 - Thoughout

true if this was any other city fans would realize how bad there team is and stop showing up

8) I am sure the game will be close to a sellout, despite our last 3 home games !! The positive changes the team has made in the last 48 hrs. shows the fans that management is as ticked off with the teams performance as we the fans are, and are doing something to fix it !!! Things can only get better !!!

We better win now Monday !!! :wink:

Really fans would just be punishing themselves with a boycott. Less money, means less talent...

Of course they are going well. Its all the TO boys who want to see the Argos run up 60 points agasint the cats tough (touch) D.

We just want to see if with all the changes the Cats have made recently, if the team can rise to the level of woeful if not even higher to level of mediocre. :lol:

An Argo fan

There is no way I would boycott a game. Well, maybe I'll take that back, if we don't score another td all year then yes, I might have to question going for seasons tickets again next year. :o

Today at Stadium we had Women looking for
Ticket at IWS Box Office…

we sent her to Center Mall

She was from Cambridge and wanted 10 tickets.

they should come up with some sort of promotion if we dont score a touchdown or if we lose by so many points we should get somthing lol. get someone like mcdonalds to sponser it and get like a free big mack or somthing like that. any thoughts?

Expect @ gameday

Sold 20,000
Giveaways 8828
Damaged Seats 2


So many lambs to witness the Labor Day slaughter.

An Argo fan

No problem... Then the Cats will make 3 dozen more changes for 2007

I have to ask, damaged seats?

Two damaged seats...one for McMahon and the other for his "source"