Ticket sales for game in Quebec City. Very poor

Maybe it's because of the RedBlacks? They hosted a RedBlack "home" exhibition game in Regina last year and drew only about 100 people. The main grandstand was practically empty despite it being the Sask. fans first chance to see their 2013 Grey Cup championship team...but nobody came. There could be a similar mojo happening in Quebec where the CFL is immensely popular.

I don't think Saskatchewan is a bad football market?...or Quebec, where the CFL is more popular than the NFL or any other sport except hockey. According to the Angus Reid Sports Survey, 24% of Quebeckers follow the CFL while 18% follow the NFL, 13% follow MLB and 7% NBA.

[url=http://www.reginaldbibby.com/images/PRO_SPORTS_Release_1_Thurs_Nov_21_2013.pdf]http://www.reginaldbibby.com/images/PRO ... 1_2013.pdf[/url]

I think it has a lot to do with prices of tickets. I'm not paying 82 plus tax and fees to see the Als play their guys for a quarter.

In a way. First thing that came to mind, separating this game and the Renegades one, is that this one is being done out of necessity. It's not like you're catering to Quebec fans. They have no reason to think you'd be there if you didn't have to be. Hard to make them feel wanted.


10 is a nice round number for CFL teams. 12 is spreading things too thin.

Was thinking the exact same thing. CFL preseason game where starters only play a quarter or slightly more at best, promoted by an entity that would be a direct competitor in the marketplace... I dunno about that

Thanks for pointing that out. There's a market there, but it needs to be promoted by someone other than a direct competitor

Without question the price of tickets is an issue. An issue with the Memorial Cup as well in Quebec City IMHO. It was also an issue with the Bills in Toronto series.

The Memorial Cup turnout was incredibly disappointing. Really hope is wasn't due to greedy event organizers

Yep. :thup:

Or maybe because it's the Als?
Montreal teams are not popular at all in Quebec.

This looks very similar to last season when the REDBLACKS took their pre season game to Regina. Without knowing the details Hunt/OSEG I guessed paid the cost to rent the stadium. It was then left to the host to sell the tickets. Being it was not the Riders regular pre season game that was included in season ticket package. They did not seem to do much to promote it. Tickets were regular CFL prices and 13K only came for the game at Mosaic.

Both of these posts neglect the biggest factor in poor attendance for that game: Half of Regina was under flood water in June last year.

I live in Quebec City. I'm not a Laval season ticket holder but a friend of mine is, and he tells me that the Rouge et Or ticket office didn't contact him about this game until last week. A few days ago I was chatting with another guy who doesn't have Laval season's tickets but who goes to quite a few games. He didn't even know that a CFL pre-season game was going to be played at Stade TELUS until I told him that. He has since purchased a pair of tickets. It looks like quite a few Quebec City football fans still don't know about this game.

By the way, adult ticket prices are $30, $40 and $70 for reserved seats and $20 for general admission, plus taxes and fees. However, most adult tickets for seats between the goal lines are priced at $70. Student tickets are $20 for reserved seats and $10 for general admission, plus taxes and fees.

There is a perception among some Laval fans that $70 plus taxes and fees is way too much to pay for a pre-season game, even if it is a CFL game, when they can buy a good ticket to a Laval regular season or playoff game for $24.

Being a regular listener of Riders Radio CKRM and Sportscage. The weather was discussed as a factor.
The bigger factors were that it was a seperate pre season game and not tied to any season ticket holders for discounts for their seats. Leaving everyone to basically pay regular price for tickets to a second pre season game.

If this is a similar case with Laval in that they are not offering season ticket holders and students their discounted rate.
It is a pre season game but the fact that their will be a plenty of recent former Laval and Quebec area players who will likely see playing time in lookng to earn a roster spot. There should be a level of interest among said fans.

Thanks that answers a lot of questions as to why the ticket sales have been slow up till now at least. As well as why they will have trouble selling some seats with the price of $70 per seat. With season ticket holders just being told of late and if they are not given a season ticket holder rate for the $70 dollar seat it is very understandable to be a tough sell.

Forgot to mention that Laval season ticket holders do get a 15% discount.

The entire month of June 2014 was floods and storms in Saskatchewan. There were a number of streets in Regina that were not passable due to flooding. The Ottawa game drew 13k, the 'home' pre season game against Edmonton drew 15k and the home opener against the Cats drew under 20k!! By far the biggest factor for for low attendance in ALL of these games was local flooding.

The fact that it was an extra game not part of the season ticket may have been a significant but lesser factor but 13k for the RedBlacks certainly had NOTHING to do with Ottawa being a bad draw.

That was a minor factor. As Prairiedog said above, the weather was THE main factor for sure. It was emergency conditions, people were losing their homes.

In fact, CKRM, Sportscage, and other media all received a fair bit of backlash for questioning "Rider Pride" for not supporting the games more. Afterward, they all backtracked a fair bit when people basically gave them a giant middle finger and then went back to building berms and bailing out their basements. Some roads were washed out as well, cutting off connections to Regina, making it impossible to even consider attending.

The distant secondary factor was the feeling that the only reason the Riders were chosen as the opponenet was that Ottawa thought they could make the most money off of Rider fans vs holding it anywhere else (closer to their market). Solid capitalist reasonings, but came off crass nonetheless.

Laval is at least on the border of both markets involved in the game (i.e. right next to the "home" team's market), whatever other issues it may have thus far.

Yeah. I don't think the low numbers are indicative of zero interest from Quebec City fans.
I'm willing to bet if those QC football fans had a team that was truly their own, they'd be rabid.
Of course, that's just my opinion.