Ticket Sales for Edm Game

Looking on Ticketmaster, there were nothing but singles left in the Lower Bowl for the Edmonton Game on Oct 20th. :thup: Hopefully this means a big crowd.

no they are not sold out in the lower bowl just found some in sec 21, but it should still be a good crowd, no canuck game that night too.

what i am woried about is the wf game the canucks play at home at 5:00 pm, and i think the lions will be at 1:30 pm or 3:00 pm, which that will effect the lions attedance . i do not think they will reach 50,000 with the canucks playing that afternoon.

Ah well, they weren't there yesterday evening. Isn't Section 21 normally in the 7-11 section?

Just checked with ticket master i phoned them, they said all lower bowl seats are singles only so you are right.

i am surprised that many tickets have been sold a week before the game, usually they start to pick up later in the week...and there is even an ozzy osbourne concert that night, thought they might effect the game too...but if over 33,000 go to see them in edmonton...then we should be able to get more!!!

Single tickets are fine with me; I'm not married. One day mabey they'll sell Married tickets

i didn't even know that Ozzy was playing that night.
Yrah all the lowebowl tickets have been sold, and i heard they are going to sell upper bowl $26.00 tickets starting tom.
In the end zone oppisate the score board.

Why worry about it Dupsdell?Consider the fact you predicted the Lions would finish with a 2-7 record in the second half and knocked out in the semi-finals. All the Canuck games are sold out pretty much!!! Thats 18,600 plus right! For those of us that are fans of both teams that don't have tickets FOR THE Canucks. We would go to the WF game thats affordable and tape the hockey game. Whats the big deal! Its the regular season game ,not the Stanley cup playoffs.

well as much as I'd prefer a 3:30 start time for the West Final, I'm sure the Lions will push the CFL for a 1:30 start time as it would still garner a larger crowd with people knowing they can go home to watch the hockey game after the WF.

And there may be a few thousand Canuck Season Ticket holders who would also go to the WF if it's a 1:30 start and not a 3:30 start as the hockey game starts at 5.

Suffice to say Nov 18 will be a busy sports day here!