Ticket sales for Eastern Final

As per our President. Over 35 000 tickets sold
Team organized tailgate party prior to the game on the esplanade with Eric Lapointe (not the player) and his band, will also do the half time show.

I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing at this point. I would sure like to see a crowd of at least 50,000+.

Almost two weeks left before the game. I think that's positive. 45 000 at those ticket prices is a nice crowd.

If I still lived in Montreal, I'd be there for sure. :frowning:

With 40,000+ plus fans slamming the Big O seats up and down, that would make for great homefield advantage. Permanent in house noise makers are fun and effective things to have. Best noise makers ever, the seats. :rockin:

All the better if 60,000 fans are doing that!

It seems almost impossible for the Als to draw capacity crowds at the Big Owe. This one is important; it's the EF which means that the Als could go out as East Champs again, punch a ticket for the GC, it could be the last time they see AC... You would think that would draw fans, wouldn't you? The Impact did it twice, although the fans may well have come out to see celebrity players - on the other team - but they still came. It may also have to do with the novelty of a pro soccer team, because other games only drew about 15,000 - 20,000.

Ah, the CFL! How I'd love to see capacity crowds at every game and each franchise required to build new stadia to accomodate the increased capacities. Well I can at least dream!

If the Als wanted to give away 20 000 tickets like the impact. I'm sure they could get 60 000 people in there but sideline tickets are 100 to 112 bucks a piece and the UFC is in town with its biggest fight of they year the night before. I think anything 45 000 or more will be fantastic and the largest CFL crowd short of the Grey Cup unless the Lions can do better in the West Final but it will be either #2 or #3 draw in the CFL this year and that's a good pay day for our wonderful owner.

still early. Probably see the number increase after this weekend's ESF game when they start hyping up the game and opponent.
Usually a push in sales right before the game (at least that was the case in the past).

They aren't getting much help from the Montreal media... Pretty sad. You look at 98.5 and all they talk about is the NFL.

fairly sure the CJAD and 690 will do a push next week. Tieman will more than likely have Herb on his show at one point given they both cover the Als.

C'est totalement faux! Ils parlent aussi de l'absence d'évolution dans l'avancée des reculs dans la pas de négociation dans la LNH...

You know what, Hfx? I think that may just be the ticket (pardon the pun!). The CFL is very much the weak sister in this country with its fanaticism for hockey. Sportswise, this country is a one-horse town. They brought the NBA to two cities, and only one survived, they brought MLB to two cities, and only one survived. The only CFL franchise that sells out on a regular basis is Regina. The big stadia, namely Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and even Edmonton never sell out for regular season games. The obvious question is why not?

Maybe a campaign to "sell" football, especially to younger audiences - high school teams, college teams, junior leagues, other sports organizations...is just the ticket. Other promotions, I humbly suggest, are also required to attract new fans and that might mean a few freebees here and there. Other posters have also mentioned the lack of sufficient media coverage. If the NHL were in full swing, the CFL would almost be pushed into the background. This year, there seems to be a little more coverage, as the sports networks don't have many other choices where Canadian sports are concerned.

People may argue about revenues from ticket sales, but the real source of income in pro sports is generated through corporate sponsorships. If you were a corporate exec, would you be willing to invest millions in a sport where there are hundreds or thousands of empty seats every game, or would you choose a sport which is sold out every game? I would love to see every seat filled in every stadium for every game. That just could attract more sponsorship, the teams would be able to attract better calibre players, expand their stadia... That, at least, is my wish.

Its a slippery slope. I can't explain it. I don't think anybody can really. The Alouettes have been the "class" of pro sports organization in Montreal and yet don't get the place the deserve in the hearts of the masses and I can't explain it. My dad's company had season tickets for just about everything in the seventies and eighties. (Baseball, football, hockey) and any big event that came to town (Duran vs Leonard fights, Olympics, I went to the opening, closing and the boxing finals). This city was vibrant. Really was the golden age and when Drapeau packed it in it all died. Politics, poor leadership, donut effect, change in corporate culture or a mix of all the above. I can't explain it.

As for giving away tickets. It does not work, it has been tried many times in Toronto, BC, Ticas give some away to season ticket holders as a marketing tool, yet they are less popular today than when Young bought them. You say corporate support won't be there if there are empty seats but it won't be there if tickets are given away either because the product then gets an "amateur" image and there is no longer any value to it. Montreal is a very "sick and broken" city right now. Both mayors have just resigned because of BILLIONS in corruption, the infrastructure is completely worn out and there is zero sense of community. I travel a lot so I see it. This summer I spent time in Virginia and the Carolinas and there wasn't a day when less than hundred people would say hello. I could jump in the metro in Montreal at seven in the morning and spend the entire day on it or walking downtown Montreal and not one person will even make eye contact... I can't explain it...

Il faut se rendre compte que le dollar-divertissement a changé de place depuis les années '70. Ce dollar est maintenant beaucoup plus réparti entre hommes et femmes, résidents de souche et immigrants, homosexuels et hétérosexuels, intellectuels et techniciens, adultes et enfants, etc. Également, ce dollar a encore plus de concurrence qu'il en avait à l'époque car sa concurrence ne vient pas seulement de la télévision et des divertissements à l'extérieur, mais également des soirées-poker, des jeux-vidéos, des DVD à la maison, des chaînes spécialisées de la télévision, des contenus média accessibles par internet, de la simple existence des média sociaux. Tout ceci, conjugué à Montréal avec une forte activité culturelle (danse, théâtre, musique, expositions, festivals, événements, etc), rend plus ardue la capacité de concurrencer le club de hockey, inscrit dans l'ADN culturel de la population.

Je crois que la LCF gagnerait à s'impliquer directement dans le football scolaire au secondaire. C'est à partir de ces jeunes qu'elle peut s'inscrire en vrai concurrent du hockey. Ces jeunes doivent pouvoir grandir avec en tête que le football canadien est le football d'ici. Si la ligue s'implique dans le développement du football dans les premières heures des jeunes, cela alimentera une base de supporteurs futurs et assurera à la ligue le renouvellement de sa clientèle. Cela passe aussi par la disparition au secondaire des 4 essais pour les 10 verges, qui envoie un mauvais signal aux jeunes par rapport au football canadien. Si les jeunes apprennent le football avec toutes les règles du football canadien, ce sera d'autant plus facile de faire accepter ces règles comme naturelles auprès de ces jeunes.

Pour ce faire, la ligue pourrait lier ses interventions aux programmes de lutte contre le décrochage scolaire, quitte à se bâtir un portefeuille de programmes et de faire la promotion de leur implantation dans les écoles. Cette approche serait diamétralement opposée à celle du hockey, qui précisément favorise le décrochage scolaire pour les jeunes qui peuvent aspirer à une carrière. En-dehors des universités américaines qui ne produisent qu'une petite partie des joueurs de hockey professionnel, le circuit scolaire s'arrête pratiquement au CEGEP au Québec. Il y a là un avantage certain du côté du football.

ADN culturel :?

Tu viens de decrire New York mais avec un cinquieme de la population.
New York supporte:

Deux Club NFL
Deux Club MLB
Deux Club NHL (New Jersey est a cote)
Un club NBA
Un club MLS
Environ 15 Clubs NCAA.
100 fois plus de concerts que Montreal.

Tout est pleins a craquer.

Montreal is a broken city with no identity and no sense of community ZERO as much as it pains me to say this.

culture.... completely different in Montreal. You are bang on about how this city was back in the 70's and 80's. Heck when the Expos were here, they were drawing over 2 mill to the Big O late 70's and into the early 80's.

Today, hockey is the only dominant sport in the city. Mind you, if they played in a larger capacity arena on a regular basis, would they continuosly sell out, especially at the ticket prices and the product they have put out on the ice?!
The Canadiens sell their 21k+ with a big chunk coming from the corporate world. Als have nowehere near that figure filling their stadium except for maybe the one playoff game at the Big O.

You can't go by the fact that most teams don't sell out. Since most of the stadium where not built for just CFL football. It is not realastic for edm to sellout a 60,000 seat place for home games, or BC at 54,000 or Toronto at 54,000. The business model of the CFL is for 25,000 paid and your making money. The exception to that is Montreal with the highest prices tickets in the league. If every CFL team was playing out of a nice 26,000 stadium then everyone would be saying what a great success the CFL is, it's all perception. In truth 6 out of 8 CFL teams break even or make money, that number will soon be 7 out of 8 with Hamilton getting their new place. Don't know to many leagues with that percentage of profits. Certainly not the NHL

Well said. What is important is to be financialy stable withing the parameters of the league. Montreal will have a new leadership in the next year. It is highly unlikely the political party attached to so much corruption will be re-elected, maybe Montreal's next mayor will have a vision for the city and the Als President should be behind whatever candidate he thinks can best help the team get a practice facility and a better footing in Montreal. I would love the City to rebuild the stadium like Vancouver did and with the provincial gov handing almost 400 million dollars to Quebec city, Montreal has a strong case in gettin the province to rebuild the big O. I think Montreal should go after another olympic bid. or even a commonwealth or PanAmerican games. This city needs a complete overhaul. It needs a new deal with its unions. It really needs a strong mayor.

A new stadium in that area is a terrible idea. Part of what makes the olympic stadium an unpopular destination is that it is far too remote to be worth travelling to for games. Id love for the city to demolish the olympic stadium and sell anything of value in it to help recoup the insane cost of that eyesore of a stadium. The city could stand to improve but rebuilding the worlds ugliest, most expensive stadium that no one wants to go to is not an improvement. If you want to think of a way to improve the city: invest in better snow removal, hire more cops to ticket the vermin that double park in front of spots they could be parked in and the people that sit in the middle of an intersection blocking traffic for everyone so they can be one car length closer to where they want to be, and demolish the olympic stadium

You want to demolish a 65 000 seat stadium that would cost 1.5 billion dollars to build and probably around 300 million to demolish, instead of spending 500 million modernizing it ?

You want MORE cops in the city of Montreal. Where there is one on every street corner and an SQ on every 10km of highway.

30 years ago the Olympic stadium was out of the way. Today its downtown. People are commuting up to 90 km out of the city every day and the Big O is 7.4km from the center of downtown Montreal. It does not get any closer for a mega stadium.