Ticket sales for BC game?

Anyone know how many tickets have been sold for Friday's game?

I was predicting a sellout, but now apparently the weather is gonna be crap, so that will likely hurt the walk-up ...

I'm still guessing at least 34,000 will be sold.

Unless it pours through out the day tomorrow I would bet it will be a sell out even without those 10,000 rider fans ha ha ha ha

I was at the B.C game last year..where it poured...and we lost in overtime...

Now I'm going to the game tomorrow...rain is expected..OT again?

I think the Stamps have a good chance of walking out with the win, Burris needs ot keep away from the interceptions though,

We have to reverse the turn over ratio. Get turn overs but do not give up turn overs.

The weather has cleared up this afternoon and should be decent this evening, although it will be pretty cool. Should be great tail-gate parties and game tonight!

Unfortunately for you guys, the Stamps did not reverse the turnover ratio. If anything, it was even worse yesterday...and the Leos took full advantage of every mistake made.

One other note, the Stamp TD's all came during Lion blitzes, when the backfield was wide open. If the Lions hadn't blitzed quite as much, the Stamps wouldn't have scored more than a few field goals.

The Lions have proven themselves to be The team to beat this year. With the win against the Stamps behind them, the next two games should be relatively easy wins...which means that the Lions could go to 9-0 quite easily.


Go Lions!!