Ticket sales for Argos Game???

Does anyone know how many tickets have been sold for the game on Saturday, any chance of a sell out??

10 tickets have been sold

riderfans.com claims 24,000 as of this morning.

Thats weak rider fans, lets show our support and sell this game out, everyone complains that we dont have a quarterback and thats why we dont go to the games, now we have one that is playing good and a very imaginative offense and we still dont show up, what do we want???

Well 24,000 is 80-85% full, not bad. I am guessing around 26,000

ricky williams is a bum. i would not go to a game just to see him. not that anyone has said that, i just thought i would throw my 2 cents in there. i support the riders just as much as the next guy who bleeds green and white but if i wanted to see someone rush for 19 yards i would go watch a U of R game for free. personally i'm hoping for a sellout so i can watch it on tv.

So nernzi, if you bleed green and white as much as the next guy as you say, why not go watch to see the Riders play good rather than Williams flop. Pretty lame excuse if you ask me. I hope you are from out of town with the TV comment, because unless you really cannot afford the ticket, you shouldn't be hoping for the blackout lift. Why not go to the game to help towards the blackout so that the out of towners who can't make the trip can see the game too. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in there.

Go Riders!!

Totally agree with you Dr rise, i am over three hours away and am still making the trip, great for the people if the blackout is lifted and those out of towners can watch it, but helps the squad out a lot more if the stadium is packed and buzzing, cant wait to see the game, sure am glad that allen isnt playing because with him and ricky runnign those play actions all day, she would be a long game for the riders, hopefully we have a sell out and witness a big win by the green!!!

I have to take my hat off to those who drive three hours to go and support their football team. It takes real courage to go watch green gophers with the Safeway symbol on their head. hehehe Good luck tomorrow!

well dr. rise, on second thought my comments probably did come accross a little harsh. fyi i do live in regina, but am working tomorrow afternoon so if the blackout happens to be lifted i will only be able to watch the 2nd half. having said that i already have my tickets for labour day, but the riders don't seem to have a very good track record when i am in attendance. (ie. 1-4 last year). anyway, for all you fellow rider priders attending tomorrow night, cheer loud and tip one back for me. i'll be there in spirit.