ticket sales fo WF

it looks like with saskatchwen winning yesturday that ticket sales,are not going to be anything like it was in 04,they are still only at 30,000

lions suck

seahawks rule

Why do you care so much about the Lions and their attendance if you love the NFL so much? I think deep down you want to see the Lions over the Seahawks but don't have enough guts to break away from the so called POPULAR choice.

Go have fun being American and leave the real fans of Canada to their business.

Have no problem with the NFL but would take the CFL way before the NFL.

Just ignore his posts. If he didn't care about the Lions or the CFL he wouldn't be spending so much time on this message board.

Hard to ignore when hes so unreliable, not that anyone is paying attention to his numbers. He says 34 one day, 30 today. Funny how 4,000 people sold thier tickets. Hmmmmm, how about quit posting attendance posts and stick to football dupspell. You obviously dont have proper information even with ticketmaster and the Lions ticket office. I enjoy how you get people worked up though.

This is reliable as it gets and our good friend's close source is only 5,000 off in his ticket count:

Scotiabank West Championship tickets top 35,000; upper deck seating expanded again
(Vancouver) With less than a week to go before the BC Lions and Saskatchewan Roughriders meet to decide who will represent the West Division at this year’s Grey Cup, demand for tickets reached a fever pitch over the weekend as sales topped the 35,000 mark.

As a result of the surge in ticket sales, the BC Lions Football Club announced today that it has expanded even more seating areas in the upper deck of BC Place, and fans can now choose prime seats along both sidelines and the west end zone.

“We are thrilled with the response of Lions fans to this year’s Scotiabank West Championship and we’ll keep opening up more sections as demand grows. We also remind fans to wear their orange and ensure ‘dome field advantage’ for our players,? said Lions’ president and CEO Bob Ackles.

I am the Father of dupsdell,i am truely sorry that my son has acted like a jerk on this line , i have baned him from this site until he can be civilized.
Again to all you people i am sorry.

Don't sweat it,father of dupsdell.Don't know dupsdell,but I am sure he means well.We all say stupid things,and can act like jerks.After B.C. beats Saskatchewan tommorrow all stupid remarks will be forgotten,and forgiven.Go Lions. :smiley:

some people just like the run, run, run, kick philosophy that is the nfl, we can't sway them from their ignorance!