ticket sales are still looking prearty sad

just checked ticketmaster and they are no were near even sold out lower bowl yet and the upper decks are only at row cc , this is not looking good.

I think already having Bob Acklses gone is makeing an negative effect on ticket sales already,because he is not there to take over.

Tickets are starting to pick up the pace for Friday! Let's keep this momentum going and get the snowball rolling

it looks like ticket sales are not moving at all.

it looks like we are only going to get around 35,000

what a joke, for a tribute game.to bob ackles.

lions fan's that have not bought tickets yet, get out there and buy them.

or the blame will be on you.

they are were i do not see it.

Geez, three threads regarding the same topic. I think we need a couple more! :roll:

Thank goodness, for the merging powers of the Mods! :thup:

you hoenstly think ticket sales are getting better?

they sold 10 tickets in the last 4 hours

just checked with ticketmaster lower bowl singles only. i can feel the momentum know.

actually... i just checked.

theres still pairs in the lower, but only in the bronze. still a very long way to go... and that's according to the lions' office.. not ticketmaster

yes i know i heard sorry about the wrong info, i heard on nw only 32,000 sold so far, they think they will only hit around 35,000

Hey Dupsdell, are you the accountant for the Lions? Every week, 5 or 6 posts regarding attendance. Can't we keep it to just one thread a week?

no more attendance until the Casey Printers show please

31,000 only sold for the game on friday.

that is an insult to bob ackles.

If you didn't get the hint by now...

we really don't need 4 or 5 threads with updates every 2 seconds... we can find out the attendance when we're at the game because that's really the only official number.

dupsdell this is getting out of hand; please no more attendance. Wait till the Western Final or Casey Printers for that.

We're going to have a small crowd so let's just drop it. Please.

People don't care about Friday so we have to accept this is a "Don't give a crapp" city

the bc lions need that new roof more than anything, annouced today 31,000 tickets sold for bobby ackles, is pathletic, the number one reason why the lions croweds are in the 33,000 area in the summer is because nobody wants to sit in it, can you imagine if they had the roof open friday night, i say 50,000 easy, i think there are ton's of lions fan's in this city or you would not get 55,000 at every WF , it is the satdium in the summer it has had its time, and thank god it is going to be replaced, because if it was not, the lions would not survive in the summer and eventually fold, so the new roof is again going to save this francise but it can not come to sooner.

an attendance thread by any other name....

Mods, Clean up on ailse #4 :roll: :roll:

Hey, FYB, if I pm you, can you tell me where I might find some threads regarding attendance at BC Place?

only if you can tell me where I can get a mint condition factory produced unmodified 4dr extra large 60's or 70s ford or GM. IE paresienne(sp?), meteor, etc.

That way I can take more people to the game..woo hoo