Ticket Question

Hi guys,

I have been a Ti-Cat fan for my entire life, but do not get the chance to go to many Labour Day games. This coming Labour Day game, my self and a bunch of friends are looking to buy tickets. I know we can buy them from Ticket Master, or if we wanted to take a chance, we could buy them at the box office on game day. I am wondering though, if it is possible to buy them at the Ti-Cat store at 1 Jarvis.

Any responses to this question is greatly appreciated.


  • Mike

You certainly can, and I believe if you are a season ticket holder you can buy up to ten at your season ticket holder pricing.

Thanks a lot!

Wish I was a Season Ticket holder, but I'm not...

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FYI- several sectons are already sold out, Montreal fans have a train trip planned and it is expected over 1000 fans from Montreal are taking the train to Hamilton.
Better get your tickets fast !

In addition, since Montreal lost to Calgary, the Labour Day Game is HUGE now !!