ticket question

have my season tickets,one adult one student. one is market L type,one M type.we are both going to the game but separately,who's ticket is whos?

I don’t think it really matters.

As long as their bought and paid for.

they wont let an adult in on a student priced ticket

M is the student... but it doesnt really matter seeing as how you will probably be together anyways... Besides go in south side they never even look at the ticket.. you could hand them tickets to a jays game and it wouldnt even phase them... then again why would you want to waste tickets to a winning team for a.... AH WELL WHO ASKED ME ANYWAYS!? LOL

does anybody really look that closely?

everytime i go in they dont even look at the ticket they just rip and hand back

Will there be any walkup tickets left. :slight_smile: