Ticket prices

Is it me or have the ticket prices gone up by an average of 10 bucks per. Its at least 5 dollars per ticket. Even the general admission have gone up by 8 dollars.

i think the tickets prices should go down because everygame will be full if the prices go done.. GO CATS GO

The greater demand for the product the more the ticket will cost.

I don't mind the price, I'm a high school student, and if I had to I could pay for season tickets, not bad I'd say.

I wont mind paying more if the money keeps getting put into the saleries or the game day experience.

also if you notice that labour day classic costs more than the other sseason games

[sarcasm]I think Bob should provide free tickets for everyone.[/sarcasm]

Tickets are cheap, cheap, cheap.

Just do a comparison with any other sporting event around.

Exactly! I love it, in a couple years I have to start paying for my own season tickets, and it won't be all that hard. Most tickets are upwards of 50 dollars, Whereas you can get tickets for 15 to watch a Cat game.

Ticket prices are fine. No complaints here

ticket prices are more than fair, esspecially if you have seasons.