Ticket Prices

REALLY REALLY, I have been going to games since I was 6, I am now 41 with 2 boys. In recent years I could go to a game with my boys and it would cost me no more than $100 TOPS, and thats with buying food. Non drinker here. I went to purchase 3 tickets for the home opener and it cost me $242. And those are nose bleeds around the 5yd line. I would take my kids to every game in recent years but at these prices not happening. And I have a good paying job. These ticket prices are rediculous and I don't care that the stadium only seats 22 000 and they have to raise prices to off set. First of all the design SUCKS, why would they not put in end zone seats. Its a professional football team this stadium will have a universary atmosphere. It will suck. I can go to a bills game for cheaper and I will do that. If Mr. Young thinks that people will pay these prices in the long run when the NEW stadium feel wears off hes dreaming. Its hamilton not Toronto (where tickets are cheaper). So Mr. Young unless you lower prices that stadium will not sell out long term, mark my words. I love the new stadium, idea but problem # 1- LOCATION, absolutely brutal. (CONFEDERATION PARK) would have been my choice. # 2- DESIGN more brutal than location, you must have one end closed in, if your going to spend that kind of money do it right. (ie. winnipeg, saskatchewan) # 3- Ticket $$$$$ more brutal than # 1 and 2. Remember once again its hamilton and it is not a very rich city. I will see you opening day IVOR WYNNE STADIUM cause to me and my kids it will always be IWS, but after that who knows. And you people will take shots at me but I know deep down you ll feel the same,,,

I understand your concerns. May I suggest you do some due diligents before your purchase tickets. You mention you go to many games, why not consider season ticket or flex pack?

I have renewed my season seats for under 150 (for the entire season).

Purchase wisely and your dollars will go further. Tickets are fairly well IMHO.

Remember as well the Tickets for the Opener and labour day where (are) sold at as a premium ticket. IE: they cost you more! They have a great deal on flex packs that include the opener or the Labour day game!

Yes and he didn’t look into the Family Zone or the Bronze tickets you can get 50% off and all you need is a Scotia debit or credit card?

Thanks fellas. Like I said I've been going to almost every home game for 30 yrs and just can't afford these prices. But I will look into flex

Proud to say that i am renewing my season tickets after being away for 10 years. Love the CFL and the Ticats. Looking forward to making the trek from London to Hamilton on game day and the new THF. :rockin:

Go Cats.

I don't think $240 for a season ticket is bad, that's $27 a game. But if you want to take a couple of kids plus your spouse it does add up.


I realize I am not from the fair city of Hamilton but would agree flex packs and season tickets are the best value for a family...in Winnipeg I have p7 Seasons tickets they are 20 bucks a game each seat very reasonable...if I wished I could make a mint on banjo bowl seats by reselling to riders fans but I don't....don't lose hart opening day at nice new stadium I would expect nothing less than high ticket prices....cfl games are still very affordable and tones of fun

what people don’t get is next year Prices on everything will go up

We are locked in for 2012 prices for this year only
I betting where going to get it shoved where the sun don’t shine.
cause we have a pretty new stadium and big seats.

Food Prices will go up huge this year
Beer and drinks too

Bob going want to make his money back quickly .
on our backs.

You all wanted a new Stadium now feel pain of high prices .

You're obviously unhappy.
Why support the team at all. Watch on TV, eat and drink at home.
Bob doesn't need your money. :rockin:

8) If, as you claim, you have been going to almost every home game for 30 years now, why didn't you simply buy season
   tickets years ago to save money ??

    If you had bought season tickets even last year, you would have been able to renew them this year at the new THF
    for the same price as last year !!!  That fact was fully explained to all TiCat fans last season.

     There are lots of options and specials available each year for fans, but some people don't bother to check them out, and 
       then complain later about the injustice being forced upon them by these new high ticket prices !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

It's actually only $24 per ticket. For your $240 you get 10 games. Normally it's 1 preseason game plus 9 regular season games. This year it's 9 regular season games plus 1 playoff game and if they don't make the playoffs you can either get your $24 back or take it as a credit towards next year.

You know I am impressed with the responses to this person's initial post. Unfortunately a lot of posts in a similar vein all too often attract replies that verge on ignorance. Way to go Tiger Town.

:rockin: :rockin:

I'll leave the decision up to Ticat President Glen Gibson and his team to decide whether or not to leave this thread in place, but for the record: debating ticket prices, good or bad, is not one of the approved uses of the Tiger-Cats forums.

I sympathize with everyone who find CFL ticket prices to be expensive, but sadly the costs of putting on live performances continue to increase for everyone in the live performance industry, from music concerts to live theatre. We will continue to offer as broad a range of pricing packages as we can, but we are as subject to these ever increasing costs as every other entertainment venue you visit.

Having said that, the one thing I can assure you of is: Tim Hortons Field and the 2014 Tiger-Cats are going to be worth every penny of whichever ticket price you pay!

Cheers, Bob.

Cheers Bob, can't wait for the 1st game! #OskeeWeeWee