Ticket Prices

Just wondering, what are the ticket prices for each team in the East? I am planning a trip up to Ontario (and possibly Montreal) in July and plan to attend a couple of CFL games and one or two Blue Jay games. Since teams haven't announced their 2006 prices, I would like the 2005 prices to use as a guide. I would also like to have the parking prices at the stadiums too. Thank you in advance for your help.

Depends on where you want to sit. Here in hamilton, I think the single game prices are something like $15 for end zone seats and around $50 for the top centre field seat.
Also, just to warn you, bring a pillow for the Blue Jay games, even if the games are close it is boring to watch baseball in the dome in Toronto. Argos, even if it is a boring game, is much better just due to football being a better sport than baseball and football gives it character. Lots of real stuffy fans at Blue Jay games, went to a few years ago and if you cheered where you got out of your seat with a beer in your hand, you were looked at by the thousands of 75 year olds + with a "what are you doing" look. Not at an Argo game though.

You're on the 'net, pal. Use it...

I know your wondering about the east but, when I visited Calgary, my uncle got tickets from his work. it said $55 on it. They were awesome seats. they were 13 up and at about the 40 line.
It was funny because Baker on Toronto was having a bad game so he got pulled of and Toronto’s kicker (can’t remember his name) tried to calm him down. Baker punched him in the face. it took 6 people to prevent the fight. for the rest of the game people were yelling at Baker, making fun of him.

Oh yeah and a sponsor on the back of the ticket says “Kanga”. hmm…

$65 is the most you'll pay for a seat at the Argos games...and thats at center field about 12 rows deep....parking goes anywhere from $5-$20, depending on how close u park to the skydome.....about midseason, i discoverd a place fairly close to the dome thats only $5...but during playoffs it was $15.

I agree baseball is boring, even live. I used to get free 500 level tickets from my old job and man was I bored. got some 100 and 200 levels too, which is somewhat better cause you can hear the sounds of the game and all that, but, man, still pretty boring.

Baseball and golf are the two sports I cant watch. They are just too slow.

i brought my step-dad to a jays game...sat 6 rows back from 1st base, during a roy halladay start...jays got killed by the orioles, and sosa hit 2 homers...we left by the 5th inning.....waste of money, time and gas.

Ditto for me. The last time I went to the Crap Jays OK I gave it a chance. But not on my dollar, it was a freebie. We had great field level seats, but it didn't matter. BORING, couldn't take it had to go after 6.5 innings. And the fans, sitting on their hands and some, the ones that were actually awake, were trying to give me the eye looking at me when I was yelling out after some of the stiff and overpaid players. Never again.

I was on the Argo's website looking at the roster. It was Prefontaine that Baker punched.

Oh yeah and this was the game on Canada Day. At the end of the game they had fireworks but they got delayed becuase the firemen had to make sure it was safe. All the smoke got blown to the other side of the stadium.