Ticket prices for the big game

Just wanted to check and see if anyone has one ticket for sale for the big game?

If this is not allowed, I apologize and please delete this new thread, thanks

Resale tickets will be available on Ticketmaster, could look up kijiji for people reselling but you are correct the forum is not to be used for reselling tickets if I remember correctly

I don't think we're supposed to allow that - but I'll leave it up for someone to pm robleggett. We can bend the rules for Ti-Cat fans like MLSE does for the Argos ; ).

Incidentally, there are still single seats at face value on Ticketmaster (as of this morning).



“Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets,” the Twisted Tea Grey Cup Social area located in the South Endzone was expanded to accommodate an additional 500 standing room tickets. Those “seats,” however sold out. They’re now going between $300 and $400 on Ticketmaster’s resale market.

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yep I looked there, the resale prices are just crazy man

guelphcatsfan, thanks man, yep I saw that there are some singles on ticketmaster, just thought I would check here first, just in case someone had one available at a better price

looking at one in section 113, $500, lol crazy prices, but think I have no choice, been a ticats fan my whole life, was young and poor when they won in 72 at home, so I got to go!!


yep saw that, but the knee's are shot from 34 years in the CF, so there is no way I can stand for a whole game, thanks for the post though

Oh I just paid for mine - I'm going to barf. haha.


That expensive?

The re-seller fees are crazy.

why did ya'll wait to pay re-seller fees?

tickets have been available for weeks at face value?

was waiting to see if the Cats made it to the big game, I have been to a grey cup game, just not with the Cats playing and especially not at home

that's the surcharge fee then.

many of us bought tickets without an idea who was going to be in it.

consider that the 'discount' for taking the chance. Now we know who is in it, there is a surcharge.

if the Cats didn't make it in, thousands of Hamilton fans with tickets would have been ... well, I think you get it.

Those who waited until last minute have to pay an additional fee.

Nothing unique in this situation.

Yep I understand man, I dont paying the price, but I'm not going to pay the crazy prices people are asking for resale

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Last time I looked single tickets (colour blue on ticketmaster.ca grey cup) were available at face value....


click on 216 etc....


no pairs, but some face value singles available.

on another note, the caretaker plan ticket prices really were great (in comparison to the TM price).

my tickets are $429 on TM and I paid $315 under the caretaker plan.

Well done Ti-Cats!!!


Yep thats a great savings man, kinda kick my ass for not grabbing one earlier, but it would of made me sick to go and see the agros play, so its the price I have to pay for waiting, there are a few singles available, so probably will take one of them

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many of us were terrified of that prospect.

we all hoped that if the argos got in, sask would get in.

at least we could sell our tickets to Riders fans.

But alas, everything worked out.