Ticket Prices For Kids

Coming into Hamilton from out of town to see the game this weekend with my 5 year old. I was trying to check out prices for tickets to see if there are any breaks for those who are probably more interested in TC than they are in TDs, but couldn't find any thing that indicated if prices are any different for kids under a certain age (the Ticketmaster site could really use some work!) My guess is kids pay full price unless they can sit in your lap.

Does anyone know if there are breaks on prices for kids? We'll come either way, it would just be good to know.


The sales staff in the Jarvis Street store told me that entrance is free for any child three and under, and then full price for kids over three. They also suggested that the main consideration was use of a seat. If a child over three is small, and likely to sit in your lap, they may not question it.

That said, they do not issue tickets if the child is three or under, and game day staff at the stadium have their quirks. When I arrived at the preseason game with my three-year-old, the ticket takers had never heard of any policy for children.

Would be great if the team could clarify its policy and make it widely known. It doesn’t matter to me if my daughter’s seat is free or not, but I would like to know if I need a ticket before I get to the turnstile.

On a related note, the link for single game ticket prices seems makeshift. It looks like someone took a paragraph from a press release, pasted it into the page, then added a link to the season ticket page. Now that the season has started, it would make sense to have the stadium chart and pricing on the first page you click for single game tickets. And, that would be the best place to include information on children’s ticket prices.

Seriously there is no kids prices for tickets. I have not been an overly huge fan of Bob Young's and some of his dealings in the past with the fan base, but if this is the case give your head a shake how can a family of 4 possibly attend games at full price. Then you force that same family into paying for over priced concessions. If this is true this ownership is becoming more and more of a money grab. Its rather disappointing really.

Yeah, I tried using this argument with the wife as a reason for not having kids. Man did that get ugly real fast. Seriusly though, do they not have "Family Packages"?

There is a family four pack available which knocks the price down, and/or includes some swag - hats or shirts - I think. There is also a Jack Astor's family pack, with a restaurant card along with the tickets.

Since I was only looking for three tickets for the season opener last year, I couldn't use the family four pack but the ticket rep at the Ticats office got me an equivalent deal on three tickets. Give them a call, and you'll find out that they are very willing to find the best option to accommodate a family on game day!

Sit in the family section those ticket arn't to expensive

I got the Scotia bank tickets, bought 2 and got two free. If you have a Scotia debit card it's a great deal.

I was pretty sure this was the case, and it kind of bothers me in a couple of ways. First off as far as I can tell there is nothing listed on the website regarding prices of individual tickets and any information on special prices like kids under 3 free, childrens rates, student rates (which they may have, or have had in the past), or senior rates. Ticketmaster is of no help in this area either. The second thing that bugs me is the whole notion that they are trying to create an environment that is family friendly. I've always felt that really meant they could justify jacking up the price of beer to keep people from getting out of hand. If it was truly family fun first, games would be over before my 5 and 7 year old need to be in bed (that happens less then half the time), and they would get at least some kind of break on prices for younger kids who are the future fans. The family fun part comes when Daddy has to try and explain why he is buying his tickets from that man on the street, why he has to hide the snacks and drinks in his knapsack, and why Daddy sits in a different section and seat than the one on his ticket.

Quite frankly this all comes down to the team trying to make more money. I have often questioned if some of the price points they have chosen have hurt attendance, but I will leave that to the Marketting and Sales people. I'd like someone to explain why the price of beer at a football game is more then it is at the Canadian Open Golf Tournament.

Overall, I don't have a huge problem with all of this, I just really don't like that fact that it is being spun as "making it family fun". In the mean time, I'll head into the game from Southwestern Ontario an hour early, so I can park and get my tickets, and probably leave at the end of the third quarter when my 5 year old is either too hot, or has seen enough of TC and Pigskin Pete's cheers. Hopefully we will have the game well in hand by then.


PS - Bob, both of my kids know that the Argos $uck

As a seasion ticket holder a youth ticket for this game is only ten bucks and only 7>50 for the Winnipeg game. That's prettty cheap imo

The only way to have a next generation of ticat fans is to get young fans at the games.

On the other hand the latest update included the following: CLICK for GRAPHS

"The Tiger-Cats exceed the league averages in the number of internet visits and are in line with the
league averages in television ratings. However, Ticket Revenue is approximately ½ of the CFL average due to the existing stadium location and the amenities offered."

What a balancing act.... get more people out but we need more than half the average dollars to keep the team strong.
It's that balance that drives marketeing. Makes $7.50 or $10 for a seat look to me like a bargain.

Oskee wee wee

I'd like someone to explain why the price of beer at a football game is more then it is at the Canadian Open Golf Tournament. - Jonsie

FYI - Regular cans of beer are $6.25 at both Tiger-Cats games and this year's Canadian Open. Tall cans of beer at Ivor Wynne are $8.50.



why should a kid cost less? they take up a seat like anyone else.

That's a pretty fair question, why does Daddy sit in other peoples seats?

I don’t think kids should get cheap tickets, should be paying full price. They should be at home watching it on TV, they never sit still at the game and they don’t know what’s going on.

That's ridiculous. My kids always sit still and while they aren't experts they are learning what's going on. Kids have as much right to be there as you do. Many of the adults who go don't know what's going on, should we stop them from attending too??

Regular season, or playoffs? :twisted:

Everyone who can afford to go should be able to go....But kids take up a seat like everyone else and should pay the same price. The Cats have plenty of offers for tickets so that those who want to bring a family for a night out can do so without breaking the bank.

Swiss Chalet has had the family zone and offered a ticket / meal package. This season they now have a Scotiabank buy one get one deal if purchased with a Scotiabank debit card..not a bad deal.

Some kids can be a bit of a handful and I don't like these ones around where I am sitting but most of the time I am lucky enough to get well behaved kids who just want to enjoy the game and boy do they get into it, they love the waves, the cheers and the boo's...some kids are great to have at games.

8) Hey, you're right. Those kids should stay at home with their mothers, in the kitchen, baking cookies !! :wink: :lol:

Don't feed the trolls , Tip. That just cost you those 5 year old cookies lol.