Ticket prices around the league

I decided to start booking tickets to the Ti-Cat games I will be able to attend this year.

I went searching the teams web sites and found there is a huge price difference around the league.

The only price I searched were the highest prices. Here is what I found in order of price from lowest to highest.

  1. WPG $54.25
  2. MTL $57.50
  3. EDM $60.00
  4. SSK $60.00
  5. HAM $66.00
  6. BCL $70.00
  7. TOR $75.00
  8. CGY $80.00

I'm really surprised that Calgary is the highest in the league and Montreal is so low.

Calgary tix are even higher for the Edmonton and Sask. games. I think they go for $88.00 for those games

The big think is the tax on entertainment in Ontario. $66 is with, I think 16% tax when most every other province has just GST added. I wonder what the prices would look like before tax?

Montreal's highest ticket is actually $85.

[url=http://www.admission.com/html/evinfo.htmI?CNTX=147913&l=FR&C=]http://www.admission.com/html/evinfo.ht ... 13&l=FR&C=[/url]

The $57.50 is a group rate for the game at the Big-O.

Oops! You are correct Renegade. My mistake. That would make Montreal the highest in the league.

So the order is actually,

  1. WPG
  2. EDM
  3. SSK
  4. HAM
  5. BCL
  6. TOR
  7. CGY
  8. MTL