Ticket Prices are dumb!

And they wonder why it's hard to sell out Rider games. 55 bucks for my back to the wall in section 204 upper deck? What a friggin rip off.

The Riders had better blow out the Stamps or I might jump!

Hey buddy, Platinum Molson stadium tickets are 87 bucks so count yourself lucky!

why should it cost me More to go to a Riders game in those CRAPPY seats, when I can go to a game in Edmonton, in BETTER seats for MUCH less??

what a joke.

well commonwealth has about double the seats, so they just might have more cheap seats available. Prices are comparable to those in most parks.

WOuld you rather participate in another telethon? Got to pay for those salaries some how.

if you would of bought season tickets, u would of got them cheaper :cowboy: and u could pick your seat if it was available :rockin:

This is a professional team making professional saleries. This is not a high school or university game where they only have to pay to rent the field. $55 is alot of money for a game but I would rather pay it and watch a competitive team then watch a losing team. I am glad that you bought your tickets because people on other forums complain and don’t buy their tickets.