Ticket Pickup Party

I just got a phone call from Jesse Lumsden, another one of those phone recordings. It was about the ticket pickup thing the team is doing this weekend. Apparently we can go to the stadium at 11am to get our tickets.

I think it's really cool that the team is doing this. I'd like to see them do it more and use other players too like Tony Miles or Zeke Moreno.

You'll like Tony he real Down to earth guy

Moreno's projected ticket pickup phone message: "I DARE YOU TO COME!" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Zeke and Destroy,

Okay, I'm really confused by this...it's for all fans or just season ticket holders?

It's actually for everyone!

How come I never get a phone call from the Cats? Do they know that I go to everything already?

Thanks, and I think it may be for the season ticket holders, or people that have said that tehy'd look for season tickets.

Do you think they are going to stop you from coming if you just want to hang for a bit?

Excuse me sir, is your name on the list?
No sir.
Are you looking to buy season tickets?
No sir.
Please leave the premises before I release the hounds.

I’m not 100% sure. I wouldn’t really see a reason to kick people out if they are trying to get people to buy season tickets. It wouldn’t really look to friendly for people just entering the building to see someone being chased by the hounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be pretty funny though!

Yeah, I agree with you on that one. Although with my luck. I'd be the one that was getting chased :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason ticket prices went up so much was to pay for the hounds.