Ticket Mailing

Now that I'm going to ask the question, they'll show up tommrow.

When will we be receiving our seasons tickets? Traing camp is approaching rather quickly!


I was just thinking the same thing!

From What I was Told Cause of the Special Printing on commemorative ticket stock.
There Behind.. Tickets will Mail out next week.

Good detective work, Tom.

We have received the season tickets (which are a commemorative stock print that had to be done out west) this week and are currently putting the packages together and will be mailed out next week.

I know that Season Packages Where use for Free Parking at Mac Last Year..

What are they Doing this Year for Parking ?

Tickets are coming from out west Kevin mentioned last week I believe. Maybe what happened was the stagecoach got hijacked along the Crows Nest pass or something so a delay is the result. I'm sure a settlement can be arranged with whomever did the hijacking. :wink:

Hey! Don't rush them!

People have complained about the boring-ness of the tickets in previous years, and now you all got your wish this year! So you are going to have to wait!

  • paul