Ticket handling procedure too slow/ outdated

We went to the BC Lion’s game on Friday July 8, 2005 and went to pickup PREPAID tickets at least 40 mins in advance. Lines to pickup the tickets were organized according to last initial. But it took an hour to move up 10 people in line. Hence, we missed the opening kickoff. But what was more surprising was that it took less time to BUY tickets at the ticket booth than to pickup prepaid tickets. Go figure.

The game was good but I’m suprised how awkward it is to pickup tickets considering that everywhere else you can BUY and PRINT tickets over the internet just like booking for flights and movies.

I’d be contacting Bobby Ackles DIRECTLY if that happened to me. You should do that.

I agree that willcall is a slow procedure, but I don’t think that anyone has to go through that too often? Or am I mistaken?
As for printing your own tickets through the internet, I think ticketmaster would have something against that, but again I’m not sure.

If you have any great ideas for improving the existing system…you could always write to communityrelations(at)bclions(dot)com and ask the person there (ask nicely, it is a lady you’ll be talking to) to forward your email to customer service.

Everywhere eh?

Well you can buy your tickets on Ticketmaster.ca for the Lions and see about printing them out there - so I’m not sure what your beef is? If you are saying you can BUY and PRINT “everywhere else” - and the Lions ticket sales are handled through Ticketmaster, last I checked Ticketmaster had a website (thus the internet sale) so why not complain to Ticketmaster if you can’t BUY and PRINT the tickets online?

Misdirected anger I do believe.