Ticket donation

Not sure if anyone else heard this, but last night as I was listening to the radio, they made an announcement that Casey Printers and Nautyn McKay-Loescher purchased $5,000 worth of season tickets and donated them to charity. Apparently the team matched the $5,000 donation with a $5,000 donation of their own.

Still looking for more information on this. If anyone else heard about it, they may want to fill in some of the details that I may have left out.

Great gesture!!!!

I think sometimes the Tiger-Cats and the players themselves don't get enough credit for what they do in the community.

My wife mentioned something to me about this. I don't know the exact details but we both think it's great to have players so willing to give back to the community.

Hamilton youth deserve it, I have always thought that a Ticats game is something all kids should experience growing up.

Good work guys

man this is great. this is a great time to be growing up with all the appearances the Tiger-Cats are making in the community, and now this. I have heard that the blue team is one of the most generous sports teams in north america, but i think the Tiger-Cats can give them a run for their money.

Ticat Players Well Done Guys
Well Done..


There is a Foundation called "Kids up Front" ANYONE can donate their tickets and this charity will distribute them to needy kids. Not just Football, but any sports. Its a great cause! :thup:

Here is the Web site.


Upon signing with the Ticats, Nautyn became my favourite player because of his First Nations background ---> and his talent of course..........

I have many dear friends and clients within the First Nations community on Six Nations and respect them all even though there are some current land claims stuff going on locally and nationally..........and yeah, those issues get "heated" at times........

Good on you Nautyn for giving back to the community!........I feel your people's pain and respect the struggles........but I also respect your work for all peoples on Turtle Island......Aboriginal or not..... :slight_smile:

You are a true Tiger-Cat and all that it entails.... :thup:



Note: Even though I referred to Six Nations, I realize Nautyn does not hail from there and has a totally different Native background......just to clarify

I post link to this on BGR ..
it is worth Supporting ..

Kidsupfront is more of a Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto organization. City Kidz, Big Brothers and YMCA are probably the best in the Hamilton area.

An incredibly classy thoughtful thing to do.

good karma....

very classy. I think its great to see the players give back to the community that supports them. They are the true heros of Tigertown.