Ticket Counter?

Can we have the ticket sales counter on the home page again? I loved watching the number climb throughout the week leading up to last years game. Plus I think it helps attract more sales quicker, with people noticing the number and forcing themselves or friends out to get tickets before their all gone!

Ticat staff bring back the ticker!

Im guessing they will bring it back once they have a nice chunk of tickets sold.

Yeah, I wonder how many tickets we've sold. I obviously want to see a sellout happen. Any comments from the powers that be?

#Ticats CB Bo Smith done for the year
As suspected, Ticat corner Bo Smith is done for the year with a torn Achilles. There are a number possible options for his replacement, including Tisdale moving back to corner if Shivers is ready - he practiced last week - or Ellis Lanskter, depending of on how the coaching staff did last week.

Ticket sales for the East semi-final on Nov. 21 are already north of 10,000 - and tickets have only been on sale for 36 hours. Thet team has reportedly purchased the game and stand to make a little bit of money if it sells out.

I'll have a story in tomorrow's Spec but the Cats are not on the field until Tuesday.


12,000 now, and more encouraging news!

From http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... ast-12-000

[i]According to sources, the team stands to net something in the “six-figure range? if they get a capacity crowd at Ivor Wynne for the second post-season game at the stadium in as many seasons....

...More than 12,000 tickets have already been sold, Mitchell said.

Overall, average attendance at Ivor Wynne Stadium is up almost 10 per cent this season and the numbers look even better for 2011. Season ticket renewals have already surpassed 80 per cent and sales of new packages are about four times what they were at this point last year[/i].

Great news.. I'm heading down tomorrow to purchase my tickets for the game

did my bit, picked up a dozen tix for the playoff game

can't help but wonder if Fred will buy any, same for Merulla and Collins

bet that unless it is a freebie they don't go

perhaps we should all e-mail them to see if they will attend, and if anyone gets a reply, share it

one would hope that at playoff time, they may drop their anti -Ticat stance and support "Hamilton's" team

Did you see the deal in which you get $10 off a pair of playoff tix when you buy tix to the Lions game on Saturday?

perhaps hammer, but then, have you seen Merulla's new initiative?

Apparently Merulla is a season ticket holder and will possibly be attending the playoff game.

I did not.. but thanks for the heads up CK

HOW about this if everyone does there part buys there ticket and grab a few buddys to go we wont need a ticket counter AND we will sell out ive got mine and 12 others to come along GOOD TIMES IN THE HAMMER ARE HERE AGAIN OSKEE WEE WEE

Great idea ticatbill, I don't know why that idea hasn't been thought of before. Surely we would sell out every game...

Can't go myself but I sure hope they sell out. Toronto fans, let's hope, come down in droves.


Any word on the most recent totals?

The ticket counter is missing because sales are not ask brisk as Tiger Town would like. I sure hope I'm proven wrong regardless of the outcome.

I'm thinking you are wrong Wild..(I hope)
I went to get my tickets on Friday,,the place was very busy around 1:30..
I usually sit in the family section,and since I'm tall ,I try to get a seat near the aisle ..the aisle seats was in row U..
I settled for 5 tickets in row L.

I would like to see the ticket counter up...maybe they were waiting until after the weekend..

Any update on how many tickets have been sold.

Want to go so bad but can't. I sure hope they sell out.

Why does it matter how many tickets are sold if u can just be there i wouldnt care if i was the only one there as long as im there. Like billy Red Loins use to say DON'T YOU DARE MISS IT!!!!!!

Those should get checked out....