ticket count for stamps game

i heard the lions have already sold 35,000 tickets for an upcomming home game. might have been the stamps game, but i'm not sure.

does anyone know the amount of tickets sold for friday's game so far?

the only home games left at BC place are Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal.

It would be awesome if they packed the place for all three games. I tried to find the numbers on google but wasnt able to.

Being that it is ONLY "Tuesday", I would not think, that the Club would not be even the least bit interested in, releasing any numbers concerning the Ticket sales, for a game... that it is not going to be taking place, until Saturday night.
Once we get a little closer to game day, and the Hype has being building momentum, all week long.....Only at that time,.....will the Club want to drive those numbers UP,....by announcing how close we are getting, to being "SOLD OUT".....Hopefully!
What with this Game, being even Bigger.....than the Last one was made out to be, and the New Stadium being something, that everyone has to "see" and "experience" in person, you would just naturally assume, ......that the Sales for Saturday night, should be at around the 50,000 to "SOLD OUT" mark?

What's capacity now? I've been looking around on the website and can't seem to find it.

BC Place Stadium, now sits about 54,500......Max!

Looked for tickets and the only section sold out is the most expensive section (orange presumably).

You can get any quantity you want anywhere else.

Looks to be far less then sold out. Maybe 45k?

If that many have sold since when you heard them, it's looking like it will be another good showing at BC Place. My plans are to go indeed. There's gotta be at least another 50,000 that would want to see this stadium and 20,000 or so are season ticket holders already so...lets pack this place again everyone.


If you do get to the game and it is your first time in the stadium you will be in awe and you will have a fabulous time I'm sure. I would not be surprised if fan turnout is 45,000+ or even 50,000+. I was comparing attendance turn out against Calgary and against Edmonton. It appears that Edmonton has the edge when in town so attendance may not crack 50,000 but I'm hoping it does.

It will be interesting to see if the combination of a newly renovated stadium and the fact the Lions will be playing for top spot in the West again will draw in 50,000+. It certainly could happen. Part of me thinks that the fantastic showing last week was the result of a lot of curiosity seekers but like you say, there's gottat be at least another 50,000 out there that want to see the stadium at least once.

Don't get your hopes up. Just 25,000 were sold as of Tuesday:

Thanks Gornaldatron. Hmmm..... oh, well..... still about 4 days remaining. I would be very surprised if there were less than 35,000.

That is rather pathetic actually.

So there are 20k+ season ticket holders, and after the last game only a few thousand bought tickets?

Wow, this is a bit rich coming from a Tiger-Cats fan!

We do not have 20,000+ season ticket holders. The high water mark was about 24,000 season ticket holders about 5 years ago. It now stands at around 18,000 thanks to 3 sub-par seasons (and a brutal start to this season), and a move to Empire Field that a lot of season ticket holders decided to pass on.

True, it's a big drop-off from last week, but if they draw 36,000, they're still going to double the # of season ticket holders with a one-week turnaround. Also, have you looked at the prices? The Lions need to seriously examine their ticket prices for next season as it's too expensive for the casual fan. The cheapest ticket is $42.50 ($35 + $7.50 service charge on Ticketmaster). This, with an inventory of over 52,000 seats. Dumb!

Rhymes with Orange, your Post......is exactly what I am referring to, in my own Post........about.......Where are all the New Young Future Fans, going to come from....in order to keep the CFL and the Lions alive?
Lets just say,(for Math purposes), that we already have, 20,000 Season Ticket holders in a 54,000 seat Stadium......who is going to sit, in those other "Empty" 34,000 seats......and what will be the attraction, once the New Stadium loses some of it's appeal and drawing power, and the Lions are having yet another "Sub" par season?
Where are the Fans and the Future Fans going to come from.......if......the Tickets prices and the Concessions are not, a lot more Reasonable and Realistic, for the average Fan and the average Family, who would Love to attend the games??
Playing in a Major League Stadium........with "Two" Minor League Teams, as your ONLY tenants ......and charging Major League Ticket prices and charging their "INSANE Prices" for the Crappy Food, that is being served at their concessions......is a sure fire way.....to Guarantee.......the CFL will eventually Fold!
Did you happen to see on TV, any of the White Caps game, being played in BC Place Stadium, last weekend?
It was really Sad, to see the whole Upper Deck, covered up, with the Tarps that they put around that section, of the Stadium.
WHY?........Play any games.... in a 54,500 seat Stadium, when almost 40, 000 of those seats, are EMPTY!
We are not talking about Manchester United here.......and we are certainly not talking about, having the New England Patriots as our Home Team........we are talking about having Two Minor League Teams......playing out of a Major League Facility......and eventually, both of these Teams, will be playing before an Empty House......based on them both, Playing Poorly, in the very near Future......at some point, this will happen.
My point is........Start to build some Long Term following, and some Long Term Loyalty, and a "Life Long" Fan base, by catering to the "Kids" and catering to the "Families" and to the Grand Parents ( Who have been Life Long Fans!) who are all looking for a "Family FUN Event" to go to......on a Regular basis!
WHY?.........have 30,000 to 40,000 "EMPTY" Seats.........when you could have a "PACKED HOUSE" to each and every game ......."if"... the Teams and the League, were just to do it Right, for once!
With out getting Butts in those seats, and thinking about the "FUTURE" of the Lions and the League.....by catering to the "YOUNG" Kids out there.......The CFL is Doomed!

The BC Lions are not a minor league team in any way. Minor leagues do not attract 60,000 plus and a national television audience for their championship games. The CFL is major league.

hmm...sounds exactly like what i've been saying about the Argos.

I Could Not Have Said It Better Myself Nina! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

The Lions Ticket Prices Are More Than Fair! It's The OVERPAID And GREEDY canucks Who Are Charging Too Much!

They are fair.

However, a lot of people are thinkin about those 7-11 tickets that were 25 bucks each or so + tax. The low end seats were 30+ tax. At least the Lions show you the cost after tax which is 42.50. That's all you need.

You're right Tyrone!
But.......In spite of those ridiculous Canuck Ticket prices.....they are SOLD OUT...each and every game!
So?......if their is a Good Product to be watched ,either on the Ice or on the Field....the Fans, will pay the price of that Inflated Ticket.
But.....once that product starts to Slip.......the Fans will Stop coming out, whether or not, the Ticket prices are Inflated or not.
The Canucks are on a Roll ( For now) ....and they are going to continue to Gouge the Fans, as long as they continue to come on out, to watch that "NO Touch" .."Basket Ball on ice", style of Hockey that they now play!
The Lions are in range "Price wise" for their better seats....but.....they should have some really CHEAP sections for the Kids and the Families, who can't justify paying over $50 ( As a Family) to watch a game.

They definitely need to do some pricing adjustments for the upper bowl. They should make the tickets in the upper bowl that are double letters cheaper. It's rediculous that the upper and lower bowl has the same pricing structuer.