Tick Tock Tick Tock

The clock is ticking can you hear it?
Dec 1st has come no announcement yet for our new GM.
Mitchell don't leave us hanging

This needs to be done right away to get ready for next year . It is not like they didn't know that the job would need to be filled about 1/2 way through the season .Firing the GM was in the plan for awhile.

It is good to do due diligence and not rush into a potential mistake…but on the other hand, the longer the HC is made to twist in the wind is not good. If the new GM is going to let Taaffe go (and I am not saying he should or shouldn’t, this is just for argument’s sake), the longer it takes to get the GM in place then you run the risk of losing out on a HC that this new GM may want. For example, today’s Star and Mtl Gazette report that Montreal will be interviewing Greg Marshall, Richie Hall, and Steve Burrato this week.

Seems to me they’ve had enough time to interview the GM candidates they are interested in, so it’s time to make the move and get on with things.

Winnipeg's Greg Marshall and Saskatchewan's Richie Hall are intriguing head coahing candidates, but hasn't Ticat brass said all along that they want their head coach to have head coaching experience? That would therefore leave Marshall and Hall out of the mix in Hamilton anyway. Which might be a shame, because I think both of these candidates have vast coaching experience, and, like Austin, could turn a team around in one year as a rookie head coach.

no, they never said they wanted their head coach to have experience, they said that about the new gm.

city legend

They should take their time and get it right this time.

No point in rushing.

I think there was no rush...back when they deceided Marcel was going to be gone.

Now there is one.

We don't want to be stuck with a leftover". That's what happended with our co-ordinators last year...we got leftovers.

Get the GM, so we can get the coach, so we can get first dibs on the co-ordinators (Chapdelaine etc).


I don't care when they announce a new GM.

This is the time of year when a coaching staff should be put in place, and the team should be attempting to re-sign their potential free agents that they want to keep around. Without a GM, we can't do that.

And if our new GM decides to fire Taaffe (please don't!), we may have prevented him from getting the HC job in Montreal. The Als aren't going to wait for us to decide on a GM before they decide on a head coach, hoping to get Charlie once we fire him.

I know it's important to get the right guy, but it's also important to get him ASAP.

Scott Mitchell knows the importance of getting our new G.M. hired
as soon as possible that's why he said it would be done by Dec. 1.

If it takes him a week longer than expected, then, so be it.

He wants to interview several candidates
even some who are 'under the radar'

We would be on his case if he grabbed the first guy who says, yes!

He also has to consider caretaker bob's schedule.

bob needs to be there for the final stage of the process.

I just hope you get a good one, and then line up some decent offensive and defensive coordinators, which the Cats did not have last year.

(Ronfromtigertown) Scott Mitchell knows the importance of getting our new G.M. hired as soon as possible that's why he said it would be done by Dec. 1.

If it takes him a week longer than expected, then, so be it.

Disagree ! If he doesn't plan on keeping his word, he shouldn't say it.

As the previous posters on this thread are saying, (one exception) we need to get on with things now. Mitchell has had months to look over the slate of available and possible available candidates. He needs to keep his word to the fans now.

This team MUST get on with the job of assembling it's coaching staff now or we'll get left behind again.

Somehow you missed the rest of what I said, rock,
nonetheless, let me address your opinion stated here

Disagree ! If he doesn't plan on keeping his word, he shouldn't say it.
The key word is 'plan'

He did PLAN to keep his word
to hire our G.M. by Dec. 1st.

oftentimes, circumstances change.

Everyone should know that :?

because things they have planned
have not always gone the way that
they have planned them to go.

Even you have had that experience, right rock?

It's not like Scott can just pick out the name
of one of the candidates still available
and mail out a contract for him to sign

that might have kept him within the timelines.

Are you suggesting he should have done that?

Don't be so hard on the man. :smiley:

Mitchell will hire whoever is left: Taman is gone, Rita is gone. We'll get the leftovers (i.e. Obie, who probably wants the job because it is close to his home).

As I have mentioned in a previous thread, hire McCarthy and lets start preparing for 2008 NOW!
He is also one of the only candidates that could retain Taaffe without any controversy.
He fits Mitchell's job description and he was the man behind the 1991 Grey Cup Champions (sorry, cannot mention team name without vomiting).
Let's get on with it!

Please provide link to quote where he gives "his word".

(Zontar) Please provide link to quote where he gives "his word".
Provide it yourself, Zontar. I know what I have heard and read in the media and I think you do too. The inference to Dec. 1st has been mentioned many times by many people.

Anyone who denies that Mitchell's intent wasn't to bring a new GM in by Dec. 1st is kidding themselves by now.

Why are you citing my post as if I were the only person to say this? Several others have already posted the same thing.

I realize that you have some kind of vendetta against me, but kindly stop nit picking. I have every right to express my opinions in this forum, the same as any member. If you disagree with things I suggest, perhaps you should seek out another activity.

Please provide the link where he gives his word, a promise, to have a GM by Dec. 1.

You alone made this claim. You provide the proof. If you're not certain, if you dont want your posts scrutinized then dont post it.

Geez what a tempest in a teapot. Chill out.

Here is Scott Mitchell saying he wants the new GM in place by December 1:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=21215&writer=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 5&writer=0[/url] [url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=21248&writer=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 8&writer=0[/url]

It is expressed as a desire, not a promise.

Exactly, he wanted it and planned for it but it didnt work out that way. How is his "word" and his integrity brought into question then?