TicatsTV inside training camp video blog

Stevie Baggs just posted this..

Had a great day today in our first on field sessions I'm very excited about our team be on the lookout for @ticats TV and skakespeare55 production classic inside training camp stuff... ttys #Bless
Looks like one of the players I wanted to do the Training Camp behind the scenes video is actually doing it. All I need is Cobourne and I'll be happy!

Those were my 2 picks as well, lets hope

The other is Cobourne, the ticats posted something on twitter about it.

Excellent. I can't wait.

YES CALLED IT :smiley:

I'm really enjoying the training camp videos already posted on TICATS TV. The rookies all come across as level headed and respectful young men with tons of enthusiasm that is contagious when you watch the videos. In particular, I'd like to see more of Brandon Denson.

Great job TICATS TV!

I actually just watched them based on what you said here and they are pretty good. It's nice to hear what some of the guys have to say. My favourite line "the only thing I can't play is QB. I can throw for 80 yards, but I don't have any accuracy" lol.

Bakari Grant looks like he's 13.

Ok I just watched Stevie Baggs episode 1 and 2. Episode 2 is absolutely hilarious. Great great choice. Baggs has some great commentary on there. lol. Made my day.

Great videos for sure! Man, you gotta love football players. :thup:

"they didn't have rap back when Moses played" lol. classic.

Thats awesome! Cobourne and Baggs as the new TicatTV V-Bloggers.. They were the two guys I said I wanted to see.
Mr. 15_championships called it first and I seconded his selection lol, here is the actual post..



Deuces has some catching up to do. I've seen 4 episodes from Baggs and only 1 from Cobourne.

LOL, I was just about to post that.. STEP YO GAME UP DEUCES!!

The last video from Stevie was classic..

OBIE - "What are you... TicatsTV, What are they hurtin for people or what?"

It will be hard for Avon to top some of these videos.

All the guys just look like they are having a blast a TC.. that can only pour over into the regular season and make for some exciting football

I just watched Avon's 2nd instalment of the video and let me say it was WELL worth the wait. I have to say I love this guy (not in that way lol). Great sense of humour and a very strong sense of family. I have lots of respect for that. What an adorable little guy he has!!

Just watched the 3rd, seems Dave Stala is back to doing his old money on the floor trick :lol:
He nailed Joe Womack with that 1.

It was well worth the wait for Avon’s last 2 videos… Like ~Banshee~ said I have a great deal of respect for Avon also, he is a family man and wants to fit into his new family, the Ti-Cats. I can’t wait for our second preseason game when Avon gets his first carry against Montreal…

The bit when Avon and Rey Williams were talking trash to each other was hilarious…

It was nice to his Family
His Wife and Little Avon
wounder if little avon be a Tigercat in 2032