Ticats You Are Sub-Par

Unbelievable the TiCats can't manage to beat a CIS-level team like the Riders.

Just have to laugh at Orlondo Steinauer's pathetic defence playing scared and soft making a scrub like Mitch Gale look like John Elway with a game winning drive.

lol - I wondered the same thing
I guess my rider rating at #4 CFL on stampsfan doesn’t look that bad tonite?

Sewer Rat Reinbold was trying to make himself invisible on the tabbies sideline. Usually he’s going vociferous - or whenever shovelface loses his voice! Tonite, he was hiding behind the catnip!

Winning with a scrub is one thing - losing Schnozzola Durante is another!

Shovelface is gonna get fined big-time for slapping down that sideline official’s hand!


The east is a fecal mess right now. The Stampeders could help themselves out by selectively losing a few games to eastern contenders.

One thing is sure - while the eastern team records will be a casket of deplorables two things are certain:

  1. One team will finish first outright - and be granted a bye into the eastern final and

  2. Another will finish 2nd outright - and will play the western crossover squad (right now its about 70% Edmonton, 20% Winnipeg & 10% Wally

Garbage is a huge overstatement. They are a mediocre team but don't forget they only had 6 first stringers playing on each of offence and defence. So all you can really say is the Cheatriders are slightly better than Hamilton's second and third stringers.



Those orange seats in Regina totally camouflage Reinbold with his orange fake-and-bake tan.


I suspect Trump stopped sending Reinbold orange tint samples!

Your assessment of the East is 100% correct.

TiCats are repeating their 2012 season - - feeble defence that couldn’t stop a nosebleed.
The RedBags QBs either meltdown in big games or get stage fright and disappear after Labour Day.
Toronto has three QBs who couldn’t out throw a scarecrow.
Montreal was officially eliminated from the playoffs before the season started.

Am I the only one here that thinks Area and Lyle are the same person ?

I would comment on the game, but I do not accept this as an official game thread.

For the first time to my knowledge there was no rider game day thread. This is what folks wanted here though ..... give it a few months and we will be down to 20 posters and maybe 15 actual posters.

I took a lot of flack (and criticism) from my pals at stampsfan.com cuz I did my current CFL ratings....

Calgary @ 1
BC @ 2
Wpg @ 3
Sask'n @ 4

Despite the fact the rider fan groupies and hosers treat outsiders like garbage I tell it like it is. Swervola (Corky) is a decent coach and Schnozzola isn't a bad QB (probably 4th in Canada right now behind Reilly, Mitchell & Collaros) - - if Durant is out more than a couple days the riders hopes of running the table and getting to 8-10 are distant to none!

Right now they've booked a field in Elbow, Saskatchewan for the consolation Grey Cup between themselves and Montreal. LAST WEEK CORKY BEAT THE GREY CUP CHAMPS - THIS WEEK THE RUNNERS-UP. If Durant can rise up from the death bed they'll finish 6-12 or 7-11.

I’ve always assumed they are the same person. They’re the only two people on here that come up with lame insulting nicknames for every player and coach in the league.

If the Riders were 10-3 instead of 3-10, this forum would be flooded with fair-weather Regina bandwagon jumpers. But when they’re the laughingstock of the league for the second consecutive year, Rider Fan has gone into the witness protection program.

I’m a cats fan, but uh… Ottawa was the runner up last year, not Hamilton. And Edmonton is not the same team they were last year.

Even if Saskatchewan finishes 6-12 or 7-11, they still won’t make playoffs, so I can’t see putting them in the top half of the power rankings.

Even that Pikton doopleganger from the left coast who crawls into rider fan lives is layin’ low - his passive aggressive posting style has caused ruffles amongst the rider fans with IQs over Wad Miller’s waist size!

The CFL forums have changed. They are not what they use to be and are attracting posters that are driving folks away ..... that's a big reason why posters are leaving.

you’re right - and Ottawa is no great shakes either - O Henry has been cloaked in the shame shawl and Trev Harris is having trouble getting results. Like A-51 says, Toronto has 3 QBs who either have mental or physical problems (some with a combo platter)
Montreal is fading into sub-CIS levels while Hamilton (with a great QB evidently) is getting pushed around and Coach Kenty is starting to erupt in violent outbursts!

My ratings are more about how good the teams are right now. If they were just about standings we’d just rate them 1 thru 9 via their point totals. But right now I feel Saskratchewan is slightly better than Hamilton, Toronto & Ottawa (not by much) and on a good day (with Durante in the saddle) slightly better than Edmonton (suffering from massive coaching divisions)

I open up a thread like this and there's probably 4 comments I can read, the 2 nickname brothers are blocked.

Hamilton isn't garbage, though they haven't lived up to many people's expectations this year. They're also battling some injuries at the moments, and the Riders have played a lot better the last 3 or 4 weeks with some continuity on defense.