Ticats worst Winning % Ever


In the wake of yet another effort by the Tiger-Cats that was to football what mayonaisse that's been out in the blazing sun for six hours is to a sandwich, it's time to ask the big question: Is this the worst team ever?

Not the worst Ticat team.

The worst team. Period.

From Kenny Peter in His Note on BC Game
Before Saturday's contest, the Cats released import free safety Ryan Glasper ... In eight meetings since 2005, the Lions have won all of them and outscored the Cats by a combined score of 242-121 ... For the Cats to climb back to .500 in the Bob Young era, they'll have to win every game between now and the third-last contest of 2010.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20Sports/article/442069]http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20S ... cle/442069[/url]

Unless they meet in the 2009 Grey Cup :slight_smile:

Ok, Ok that wasn't funny...:frowning: