Ticats work out players

Was reading the scraching post http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... dness.html

The Ticats have been busy in Florida.
Quincy Carter is looking for job ... He is a Hot mess and was Cut from Montreal Roster a few years ago.
You can read who and what happen at the workouts here


The thing that worries me about Groethe is that he played in a chuck and duck system which usually results in monster stats for qb's who arent that great, like Timmy Chang and Andre Ware etc.

I doubt we sign Carter.

According to reports, Danny McManus was recently at the University of Florida pro day. It seems like Danny has been working the pro day circuit fairly hard in the southeast.

They better stay the hell away from Quincy Carter.

Don't know how I feel about Matt Groethe. He always looked like he should've done better at USF. Also, I don't think we really need another QB.

I really like Amarri Jackson.He seem's like he could be the next Fred Stamps and we sure could use one of those :slight_smile: