Ticats won't participate in Bills' deal

Those against the potential partnership aren't seeing the big picture. You can't fight what is inevitable. Like it or not, the NFL will be here eventually.

It would have been a wise move for the Tiger Cats to join in the hype of the game.

The idea of getting access to tickets to an event like the first NFL regular season game in Canada was enough to entice me to renew my seats and overlook the possibility of spending another wasted year watching our brutal team and the insane price hike for premium seating.

Bad move.

This coming from a Maple Leafs fan only reassures my initial assessment.

How long did it take you to think of that one?

What possible link is there between a Leafs fan and your position? What effort is being wasted in trying to get an NFL team that could possibly be applied to an effort to get the CFL into the maritimes? I just don't see your point, unless you just hate anything to do with Toronto and need to vent aimlessly

I like this move. It really does outline a significant difference here. For Joe Fan, the 2 entertainment options really don’t compete, so why hop into the same bed?

The NFL games in toronto are priced to attract a far different market than the grumbling (rightfully so) ticat fan who is seeing another increase in ticket prices.

The main issue with another entertainment option in the hogtown marketplace is the $ucking (ha ha) away of sponsorship monies and altering focus of the media.

Those things are best dealt with through a comprehensive and negotiated deal between the Leagues. The Bills playing games in Toronto for an average of $200 a ticket? That’s just not good value for the dollar(IMHO). Why align the TiCats with something that is clearly not on the same playing field.

Good move Bobby. Now lets ensure we get good decisions on the football side of things too.

How does thishelp the Cats? I don't get it. I can see how it hurts Cats fans that are fans of both leagues but frankly Jake your post gives no particular reasonwhy the decisionwasmade

This is just a political move. The Cats don’t want to enter into any deal with an NFL club if there isn’t a deal between the CFL and NFL.
They, smartly, don’t want to undermine the league office and it’s ability to reach a working deal with the NFL.
If the NFL can go and make these arrangements with individual CFL teams…why bother having a league-wide agreement?

Couldn't agree more.....

Dam I was hoping we would ..
If my Name got drawn Then
I'd Sell the tickets to highest bidder.
Use it but Ticats Tickets for next few years.

Seem there argos now Forcing People out of the 500 Lev
There going to close it .
You can bet it cause of the Bills Deal.

said Ticats owner Bob Young in the release.

"The CFL is Canada's premier professional sports league, as the NFL is the premier sports league in the US. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial agreement resulting from discussions between the CFL and NFL."

WOW :rockin: Caretaker aint(is not) pulling any punches :cowboy: --- BUt what can be done to level the field, -- The Ticats have a assistant GM who is connected to the Colts, Perhaps a combined training camp-- Or FOX picking up CFL Games in the summer$$$???

What a joke, not on the Ticats part, as they made the best move.
I was always pretty good at math and what I see is a money grab of great proportions. $250 X 8 + $2,000, 50,000 (people) X $2,000 = $100,000,000 and all of this paid up front. That is if they sell out all tickets. Even if they don’t the take for these 8 games, cash up front mind you, would be more revenue than any CFL team can expect in a year including making it to and winning the Grey Cup, revenue from concessions, income from souvenirs & team sports wear.
Typical of the American mindset where bigger is always better, players making millions of dollars a year are the heroes (even though the average wage is probably $30K/year), huge piles of money always attract the fans. Not really entertained by NFL games where most of the entertainment is on the sidelines and in the commercials.
I wouldn’t even watch these games on TV never mind spending $2,000 plus parking plus refreshments plus loss to muggers etc. etc. etc.

Here's a few interesting articles on this topic from today's papers:

From Orillia Packet&Times

NFL in Toronto game over for CFL

By Flemming, Matt

For the past few years, my friend Joe and I have watched the Super Bowl together with buddies at a sports bar.

Every year, without fail, Joe wears his vintage Hamilton Tiger-Cats jersey to watch the game. He does so to let everyone know that, while he may enjoy watching the NFL from time to time, he will love his Ti-Cats and the Canadian Football League until the day he dies. Joe went even further this year when he had the words "NFL Sucks" and "Oskee Wee Wee" (the Ti-Cats' rally cry) painted on his face for the game.

Like many devout CFL fans, a sure way to get Joe into a heated argument is to suggest the CFL game is inferior in quality to the NFL.

Nonetheless, last week's news that the Buffalo Bills will play eight games in Toronto in the next five years was met with plenty of speculation on what effect this increased focus on Canada's biggest market will have on the CFL.

click here to read entire article

From Globe and Mail

Ticats bare claws at NFL

Hamilton franchise refuses to endorse plan to bring Buffalo Bills games to Toronto


With a report from Robert MacLeod

February 5, 2008

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats fired a salvo at the Buffalo Bills, the Toronto Argonauts and CFL commissioner Mark Cohon yesterday, saying they are withholding support for NFL games in Toronto and would not participate in a partnership to make Bills tickets available to their fans.

Contrary to numerous reports, the Tiger-Cats said they never signed onto a Cohon-brokered deal that would have made as many as 5,000 tickets to Bills games at the Rogers Centre available to their season-ticket holders on a priority basis.

Sources said the Bills, Rogers Centre officials, the Argos and Cohon already had an agreement before approaching the Tiger-Cats.

click here to read entire article

From Toronto Star:

Ticats not thrilled with Bills' arrival

Owner denies reports Hamilton's on board
Feb 05, 2008

Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young wants to see a comprehensive agreement between the NFL and CFL before he becomes part of a deal that brings Buffalo Bills games to the Rogers Centre.

The deal between the Bills and Toronto organizers – including Ted Rogers, Larry Tanenbaum and Paul Godfrey – will result in three pre-season and five regular season Bills games being played in Toronto over the next five years beginning with the 2008 season.

As part of that agreement formally announced last Friday by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Argonaut and Ticats season ticket holders were to be first in line for tickets, although they had to pay up front for all eight games.

Young told the Star last night that the Ticats were never formally part of the agreement and he wanted "to set the record straight."

Click this link to read entire story:


Don't know if this was posted before but the B.C.Lions also strongly oppose this:

From National Post

NFL's foray into Canada will doom CFL: Ackles

Ed Willes, Canwest News Service
February 01, 2008

PHOENIX, Ariz. - When commissioner NFL Roger Goodell announces Friday that Toronto will play host to eight Buffalo Bills games over the next five years, he will present it as a positive development for both his league and the CFL.

B.C. Lions president Bob Ackles, on the other hand, has a different take on the matter.

Ackles believes this move is the toehold would-be NFL owners Ted Rogers and Larry Tanenbaum have been looking to secure in Toronto and, ultimately, it will lead to the demise of the CFL. Ackles, whose feelings on this subject are well known, has been silent on it for a while.

Thursday he broke that silence in a big way.

click here to read entire article

Certainly seems logical to me that an official agreement of sorts between the two leagues should exist. Smart move by Bob Young and Ticats! I would have naturally thought an official agreement was in place before the wheels got this whole thing set in motion.

Seems it wasn't.....and here is why Godfrey on this end and The Bills on the other end want Toronto.....

[i]The Bills have been seeking to expand into the southern Ontario market, which has a fan base of more than five million people compared to 1.25 million in western New York.

An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 Canadians attend each Bills home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 73,967.[/i]

From this link

Let's see the instigators of this invasion "spin" those numbers....I'd love to hear it.

Interesting mb. The Bills have all the markings of a team called the Montreal Expos. Sure, Ralph Wilson Stadium is much better for football than the Big O was/is for baseball but still, to have the lowest ticket price in the NFL and not able to contribute to the overall revenue sharing pot as much in an economically depressed area, well, doesn't take a genius to figure out a move to Toronto could very well be inevitable, a market some 5 times larger than Buffalo and growing. If the CFL doesn't get some sort of official deal now, well, it might never get done and then, as they say when you applied for a job with less money (which I've done in the past) and then afterwards try and get your new employer to cough up more money since you acted in haste, hey buddy, you signed on the dotted line for this much money, too bad for you.

The thing I find offensive is the quote that suggests that its somehow OK to go to Buffalo but the the Toronto tickets are overpriced and that is one of the reasons the Ticats won't participate. How very kind of Bob to tell me I am not allowed to spend my money as I see fit. And no I don't understand this as protecting the CFL. The NFL is going to play games in Toronto with or without the Cats participation and all this refudal does is make it impossible for Ticats STH from opting to attend both CFL and NFL games locally. I for one will never travel to Orchard Park for a game BECAUSE of the drunkedness and the need to drive. Its worth a premium to avoid driving. Its actually cheaper to go to Toronto than to spend a weekend in an NFL city with an urban stadium like Cleveland

Bob isn't telling you that you aren't allowed to spend your money as you see fit cats. You can get in line and spend your brains out on Bills tickets in Toronto when they become available to you. All he is saying is that there was no consultation with the Cats during this process and agreement with the CFL and NFL. Therfore, in his knowledge viewing it essentially as an outsider and basically just like a fan, he sees the tickets overpriced.

Earl is bang on. If this was anything but an upfront money grab by the Bills and their "Toronto underlings" they would not have tied the ticket purchases to the whole package of games over a ridiculous five years span.

They would have offered them on a game to game basis each year, at a price that the average fan could afford and really tested the market as to support. Never mind this crapola about tying the purchase of tickets into a lottery based on season tickets in another league.

In the long run it just might come back to bite the team and its ownership in their collective a$$es. Just take a look at the reaction of fans in the Buffalo Evening News (google it) over the last few weeks. It might be interesting in their front office when season ticket renewal time comes around.

Again, Ti-Cats, well done for not kissing up.