Ticats won't participate in Bills' deal

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced in a statement Monday that the team will not participate with the Rogers Stadium Limited Partnership that will bring eight Buffalo Bills games to The Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Good for them! Let Hog Town back its own circus.

Agree 100%. I am sure more details will come out but I think the Cats' position says more about their commitment to Hamilton and the CFL. Can't say the same about the Blue team.

"We feel that bringing NFL games to stadiums in Canada without a comprehensive agreement between the CFL and the NFL will lead to unintended consequences, not all of them good," said Ticats owner Bob Young in the release.

"The CFL is Canada's premier professional sports league, as the NFL is the premier sports league in the US. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial agreement resulting from discussions between the CFL and NFL."

This is a prudent position to take especially since the end-game of the Bills may be to test the waters for a possible move ultimately.

Here's a recent article from The Toronto Star which somewhat suggests that the Commissioner wasn't going to "push-back" much......maybe now he will and get a little tougher. This article was a little wishy-washy and perhaps the author could have pushed Cohon a little more for definitive statements. (in my opinion)


Good. We should all make more of an effort to prevent Ted Rogers from ruling the world.

This will be just a corporate novelty. What football fan is going to pay four times the ticket value to watch a game in Skydome when they could zip down the QE instead?

I’d rather see a more concentrated effort on getting a CFL team in the Maritimes rather than the Bills in Toronto.

I think it is just a MATTER of $$$ ... there does not seem to be ANY Financial INCENTIVE for the TigerCat Organization to get involved.

If they were to give Bob and the TiCats ONE of the Exhibition games ... then I am SURE they would change their tune.


This is a good move, luckily Bob isn't as guilible as the Argo's.

why are the argo's gullible? if they work it right, this could be huge for them. i surely hope the Ticats explored every possible option to make this beneficial for them, and didnt just write it off as being the beginning of the end for the CFL (even though it could be).

and Ockham, any football fan should want to see an NFL game in canada. The Rogers Centre sucks, but the calibre of football you'll see is second to none.

Good on you, bob.

In the words of Jack Armstrong,
Toronto Raptors T.V. analyst

I say 'Get that gahbage outta here.'

Those Toronto wanna-be NFL owners
should be slapped upside the head
for dancing with the devil.

Never underestimate the power
of the NFL hype machine.

The Blue team allowing the Bills into Toronto sets a bad precedent for the CFL if the Bills try and move here full time.

i'm curious...if everyone here is so confident that the CFL is that much better than the NFL, why the concern about an NFL team?
You all claim to have no interest in an NFL team, meaning you'll still buy Ticats tickets, so either you're the select few who feel this way, or you shouldnt have anything to worry about right?

Rogers put the Argos in an impossible position. The games were coming regardless of what the Argos did or said. This way there's a chance for them to make some money and possibly attract more season ticket holders.

If Young thought there was enough money and ticket subscribers for the Cats he would still be on board with this.

However, the decision make him and the team look strong in asking the hard question(s)

I dont think it is th fans that would leave but corporate money would disappear.

That bears repeating, whoknows.

'I don't think it is the fans that would leave
but corporate money would disappear.'

and repeating

'I don't think it is the fans that would leave
but corporate money would disappear.'

and repeating

'I don't think it is the fans that would leave
but corporate money would disappear.'

I don't think the Argos had any say in the Bills playing in the Rogers Center. Dave Cynamon said it was news to him that the Argos STH's would get first choice. Are the Argos getting any money out of this? Don't know, but there may be some who will get played for a sucker but most won't IMO. Some people would be tempted to buy a ticket for one game if a high profile team like NE were coming in, but the whole deal up front I don't think will generate huge sales with Argos STH's. I have already been asked if I could get a person a one game ticket, but they soon lost interest when they found out they would have to pay for the total package up front.
I think its all a big todo about nothing. The NFL lovers will go to that game and the CFL lovers will still go to the Argo games.

...OK, so for those of us who do want to ALSO purchase the Bills tickets....where does leave us ?


In Buffalo! See ya!

Leaves me one more reason that I won't pony up for a full package. I cannot understand the stance. BTW I am back to looking for a partner or 2 for tix. I may get to 1 or 2 games on the deal I was working on but not the 5 plus I was hoping for

Exactly. However, at the ticket price and commitment requirement, I doubt anyone but the corporations will be buying the packages.

If you want to see an NFL game, Buffalo is just down the street and Cleveland, Chicago, and Pittsburgh are within "road trip" range.

I dispute the conclusion that any football fan would want to see a NFL game in Skydome. If last night was the best Super Bowl in recent memory, then I am wondering why I fell asleep...twice. Pay $250 for one seat at a Buffalo/Miami game in the Concrete Convertable? www.howaboutno.ca

The Argos and the CFL are trying to make the best of a bad situation. They have no control over the Bills playing games in Toronto. Nor any control over whether some wealthy businessmen want to eventually buy a NFL team for Toronto.

However, by letting the Bills 'claim' Toronto as part of its regional market, other NFL teams may be prevented from setting up shop in Toronto in the future. And if they can sell a few more Argo seasons tix while they're at it, so much the better.

Bottom line is that the Argos and the CFL have absolutely no say in what the NFL does or doesn't do. The best they can hope for is to try and manipulate the situation to whatever advantage they can.

An Argo-Cat fan