Ticats won't be moving to Ottawa

Ticats won’t be moving to Ottawa

By Don Campbell, Postmedia News December 23, 2010

That whole Oski-wi-wi, Oski-wa-wa rant just wouldn’t ring right in the nation’s capital, anyway — certainly not with old-time Ottawa football fans.

And one of the businessmen set on returning the Canadian Football League to Ottawa in 2013 says the stadium troubles the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are having with their city council in no way affects Ottawa’s expansion franchise.

So while the Tiger-Cats may have no choice but to look elsewhere if a stadium site that suits all parties cannot be found, Jeff Hunt says Ottawa is not an option.

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That story ignores the facts. If the Ticats cease to exist in Hamilton and Ottawa wants a franchise the league will make it happen Bob Young will no longer be the owner and they won't be called the Tiger Cats

The Hunt group already paid their franchise fee, they even bought the rights to the RR name from Horn Chen for retro purposes. And i'm guessing that their 'conditional franchise' is now full approved by the League, since the Landsdowne project is a go. So they don't need to buy an existing franchise, nor would we ever see two franchises in the Ottawa area. If the Ticats won't be staying in Hamilton, I'd have to think the League would either want them to move to a neighbouring city/urban conglomerate (London, K-W, Niagara region), or if stadium/financial conditions are finally right, see them sold to a local ownership group in Moncton or Halifax and renamed, or frankly folded so that the teams' history and records don't become the property of another city (avoiding the sort of acrimony that Baltimore fans still have with the NFL/Irsays over Indianopolis' ownership of the old Baltimore Colts' history and records)

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just as well Ottawa can't seem to hold onto a team anyways

You mean Montreal don't you??

Seems like Montreal failed 4 times

Remember the Als going under in the early 80's
Replaced by the Concordes
They went under after a couple of seasons
The Als resurrected but fold before the start of the next season due to no season ticket sales
The Stallions re-locate to Montreal - almost fold in 96 but the move to Molson saved them.

Makes you wonder why Montreal was given so many chances, and Hamilton and Toronto were both propped up 5 or 6 years ago with terrible attendance problems.