Ticats women's night?

I saw something on tv last year (or the year before?) about how the Argos have a women's night/day with some of the coaches and players. At this event the women get together over drinks and/or lunch and the coaches and players explain some of the rules and regulations of the game. They also answered questions and I think they demonstrated some of the equipment. Could we do an event like this here in Hamilton? I think it would help to bring more women out to the games. I myself feel fairly comfortable with my knowledge of the game but I would still come out to an event like this just for a chance to meet the players on more of a one to one basis. (What woman doesn't want to meet football players?!). It would make a great "girl's night out" and it would also make a great fundraiser or charity event (as long as the price wasn't too high - maybe between $25-$50 depending on the location).
Anybody have any thoughts about this??

What woman doesn't want to meet football players

True kitty, my wife loves the players but especially the ones that don't have the big bellies of the lineman, she likes the sleek look of the backs and receivers. But that's why she loves football, one reason anyways, over hockey, she loves looking at those behinds in the tight football pants. :wink: She might go for this I would think.

It is funny that you mention this because we are currently planning a Women's Football 101 program. If all goes well we will have the program up and running for the 2007 season.

We do need all of your ideas and input. Please respond below or contact myself at kwalsh@ticats.ca or 905.547.2287 ext. 239.

  • A weekend event, single day, weekly, afternoon or night only? Possibly including lunch or dinner?

-What aspects of football would you like to learn? Positions, plays, rules, all of the above, etc?

  • Are you a ticket holder or would you like a ticket to a game included in the package?

  • Would you like to try on the equipment and/or meet the Coaching Staff and Players?

Would you like to try on the equipment and/or the Coaching Staff and Players
Hahahahahahaha. hahahahaha *Snort*.. Hahahahahahaah

Would you like to try on the equipment and/or the Coaching Staff and Players?

Or to put it another way, maybe a men's night so we can try on the apparel and/or the Cheerleaders? :wink:

Would you like to try on the equipment and/or the Coaching Staff and Players?
Ok, I have to know...can we really try on the coaching staff and players?? Hmmm, this sounds better by the minute!! :twisted:

Seriously though - I think this would be a great idea for a weekend , maybe a friday night or a saturday afternoon? I think if it can be kept fairly inexpensive then a dinner would be good.

As for the aspects of football that I would like to learn, maybe the all of the above option. I think most women would love to understand the game better but don't want to have ask the men in their life fifty million questions during the game.

I also think that maybe you could have an option for game tickets included. A lot of women will be season ticket holders but if they bring out friends that are not maybe you could have some kind of $10 tickets or something like that to offer. Either that or offer 2 different types of pkgs, one with a ticket included or one with a gift instead. Then s t holders feel like they are getting the same type of deal.

I think trying on equipment would be fun, especially if there are a few cocktails involved in the event!

Basically you just need to find a way to try to make sports slightly girly. Is that possible?

Come on now guys....how old are we??? lol.

Thanks for the input ticatkitty.

Come on now guys....how old are we??? lol.

50 going on 15. :lol:

Your just "mad" because mycko75 got in a very good one at your expense.(LOL) You have to admit though it was funny when you think about it.

I'd love that. I think weekend would definately be better. Maybe a 9-5 kind of thing with lunch.

I'd say rules, different plays, what the roles of different positions/players on the team are. common football terms...a lot of women would go in for that kind of thing. I'd sign up for sure. (Just because you're such a great ticket rep I won't mock you about the typo..lol)

I'm a season ticket holder, but a t-shirt with a catchy little slogan might be nice.

Meeting players/coaches is always good. It's nice to talk to them and get their perspective on things.

I love this idea.

Sandy and a friend of hers would like to be involved as well!

Hey, I bet it would take a bigger man to have a cheer outfit on!
its a half decent idea!

I like the weekend idea :thup: no wife, for the weekend. Start making plans Woody :twisted:

Count me in! I have wanted to go to something like this for years. It would definitely be fun and we wouldn’t have to bother the men by asking so many questions during a game. I want to know it all, rules, plays, positions, meet coaches and players, lunch, dinner, drinks!

Hmmm, pattikat, you want to know it all, good stuff. Now if you said experience it all, well, then I might have other thoughts about your take on all of this. :wink:

here Kevin, the Eskimos have been doing it for years,
maybe call them them and get some ideas.
also BOB check out thier concessions there, the food options are amazing in that stadium. :thup:


Borehamgirl pretty much covered it, in terms of what I'd like to see as well.. though if it is a whole weekend thing, it would probably be good to give people the choice whether they attend both days, or only one of the two days. Also, please, PLEASE do not make it the weekend of May 26/27... I'm vending at an event that weekend and couldn't go then. Otherwise, I will DEFINITELY be there.

As much as i think this is a good idea i think it will be more for the newbie rather than the current female fans.the woman on this site really dont need a lesson on football 101. from what i read here it will just turn into a social event. what the team is looking for is to introduce women to the game who are not fans and really dont know jack about the game.by getting them interested it may result in more ticket sales in the future. the guys may not like the idea however.if the little women takes interest there goes a nite on the town without her.then again maybe it'll mean less beer sold and better behaved hubbys

Have a seminar type of presentation during a practice.

Explaining the purpose of the drills, what the roles are of various playing assignments. Rules and most importantly the history of the team and the game.

Some ladies may be interested in why they are doing the things they are during practice and how it benefits the players on the field.

Just a thought..


I know that every one that the Argos have held has been sold out!! I know because my wife has been trying to get to one. They get a chalk talk with a couple of players and coaches, let them see the equipment, give them some freebies including tickets (actually subsidized in the cost of attending the evening), learn about the history of the CFL and the team, etc. I think it's played a major part in attracting a few more females to the games, especially the 20 and 30-somethings.

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