Ticats without starting Tackle for 9 weeks...

Jason Jimenez is on the 9 game...

Hunt and Willis must be frothing at the mouth. Look for Glen to be doing his best turtle (and I don't mean Milt) impression alot!

Hey Kev...Duck and Cover! :lol:

And you say this after the way the bombers offensive line played on sunday? :roll:

Yes...I can...for two reasons.

  1. That was not our starting oline per se. The coaches were moving guys in/out and all over to see how they played other positions...

  2. Phillip Hunt, Odell Willis, Doug Brown, and Donny O play for the Bombers, not the Ticats...and I don't see any reasonable facsimiles on the cat D line.

You are so right Kubie. The Winnipeg D line could be the best in the league this season.

They're a good bunch this year. I don't think I'd want to be without a starting tackle against this group.

I can't wait for the season to start so we can all shut up with the useless trash talk. It's all conjecture at this point, but we'll soon have actual results to back up our boasts, be it Ti-Cat or Bomber fans. All I know is a large group of people will be eating a large slice of humble pie very soon.

I don't think the Jimenez injury will be as big a deal as you think it is, but we'll know soon enough.

You guys got Jimenez to replace Goodspeed, which, IMHO, was a downgrade. And now he's hurt. And you're about to go against a very good dline with a lot of speed on the edge.

Not trash talking...just sayin' I'm glad I don't have to face them without my import starting tackle is all...sorry to touch a nerve... :roll:

Well you should, Our Starting two Ends combined for 4 more sacks than yours did. :roll:

That being Hickman and Long combined for 17 with Hunt and Willis combining for 13.

No nerve touched at all. I'm just looking forward to when we'll have games to back up our boasts, as opposed to just opinion.

I also think Winnipeg has a very good D-line (I really like Odell Willis), but I also think the Cats have a very good O-line, even without Jimenez. On July 2nd, we'll know what's what.

You DO know, however, that Hunt and Willis only played like half a season here last year, right?

We will...looking forward to it. For what's it worth, I'd be surprised if we weren't like .500 against you guys this year.

10 is Willis' total from the WHOLE season. Phillip Hunt got 2 of his 3 sacks against a montreal team that had its backups in.

I think in the four games, the Cats will win three. I think Winnipeg will be improved, but because all the games are so early in the season, the Cats have the advantage because of how much turnover the Bombers have, and how little Hamilton has. If these games were more spaced out, I'd say a 2-2 record is reasonable. I think once the Bombers come together (similar to how the Cats did after Thanksgiving last year) they could be a dangerous team. Probably a year away though.

that may be pretty accurate blogskee... i hope not tho.. i think the talent is there, but how long will it take to click... still. i wouldnt be surprised to see each team with the home games against each other... going to be fun !

Hunt had 3 sacks in 7 games and Willis had 10 sacks in 14 games. And you do know that the Bombers only rushed 3 men and rarely blitzed most of last season.

Even if you extrapolate their production out for a whole season, it’s only 19 or 20 sacks, not far off what Hickman and Long had last season.

Now add some more sacks with them playing on a defense that has more than 3 plays, will rush more than 3 guys and will blitz more.

But now you're dealing with pure speculation. You have no basis for believing they'll get more sacks in a different type of defense. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. We'll just have to wait until the games start to see what Willis and Hunt do for Winnipeg and what Hickman and Long do for the Cats.

LOL...I STILL say I'd rather have my starting import tackle if I was facing Hunt and Willis...which is the point I was tryin' to make from the start...

And your extrapolating isn't pure speculation? :lol: Maybe they would have had more sacks than what the extrapolation indicated if they'd played the whole season.