Ticats win / Edmonton loss puts us in

A Ticat win next weekend coupled with an Edmonton loss at home to the boys in blue and we're officially in the playoffs.
It will eliminate Edmonton from crossing over into the Ticats place. The same scenario obviously applies to the Spies out west, due to the fact that there is no tie-breaker. In the event of matching records the team crossing over MUST have a better record than the 3rd place team.

As for our chance to host a home game?

Next weekends game, I believe, has no bearing on this outcome and regardless of what happens between us and the Green Turds, and the Spies and Allwets. If we lose and Winnipeg wins we're one game back and vice versa, therefore whoever wins the final game of the season will either take a 2 game lead for 2nd place, or match records at 9-9 and because they won the final game hold the 2-1 head-to-head tiebreaker.

Correct me if I'm wrong please.

Just to add to this…

An Edm win + a BC Loss + a Ticat win = Cats are guaranteed 3rd place.


an Edm loss (Unlikely) = Cats are guaranteed 3rd place

And Edm loss on its own doesn't guarantee anything. We still need to win. But I think you know that.

ticats4life86 - Right on!

Crash - JerkFaceLoser corrected your second scenario. The only way your first scenario would NOT be true is if EDM and BC then played to an overtime tie on the final weekend, while HAM lost in WPG

Not sure why im taking that for granted....lol. But yes.

Actually, a BC loss OR an EDM loss + a HAM win gets us 3rd place. However, the kicker would be as follows.

  • HAM beats SSK = HAM has 16 pts
  • EDM beats TOR = EDM has 16 pts
  • BC loses to CGY = BC has 16 pts

If BC and EDM play to a OT tie then they BOTH get into the playoffs … now wouldn’t that be a controversial finish?

According to the crossover standings, on CFL.ca, as it stands now, Edmonton has the cross over over Winnipeg and Hamilton is number 2 in the east, despite the fact that they all have the same record. So the post above that says Edmonton must have a better record than the third place team in the east to crossover seems to be mistaken. I know the rules for crossover have been mentioned a few times on these boards, in a variety of ways, but see the CFL crossover standings for, I assume, the official word.

According to the rules on cfl.ca:


"If the fourth-place team in division A has more points, not tied, than the third-place team in division B, the fourth-place team will crossover to division B, replace the third place team in division A, and compete against the second-place team of that division."

I think they haven't bothered properly sorting the crossover standings. It's probably just sorted by points and then team name. As sad as that is.

Your right and the CFL staff has been confusing fans all season with their posted "Crossover Standings"

Want to see the TiCats win both remaining games and finish at 9 and 9 with home playoff game !!! Backing in to playoffs with losing record would be ok i guess :oops:

I never thought i'd say this..... but... Let's go ARGHO's!!! wipe the floor with the scmoe's! :rockin: :rockin:

For crossover any forth place team must have "more" points than the third place team. The point total cannot be even.

If BC looses both games, and we win eaither of ours, we are also garanteed, correct?

it doesn't really matter what happens next week with either us or wpg, whoever wins in the last game of the season will host the playoff game. but a win is important to avoid the west cross over

I'm tired of all these posts saying we don't need to win next week. We absolutely do need to win next week, because good teams win games consistently. We need these next two wins to go into the playoffs with momentum. We absolutely need to win this week to avoid a cross over team. We absolutely need to win, period.

Chris, I think you have indirectly made quite a serious statement here -- The Tiger-Cats have won 1 in row, have lost 4 of their last, 5 of their last 7, and 7 of their last 10 games.


Actually both BC and EDM could not both get into the east playoffs with a tied record. It would then go to (most points for) in their season series.

B.C would have to lose both games and a Hamilton win would get us into Third Place

That's not what I meant. Whichever team wins the tie breaker would get into the West division and the other would crossover to the East division. As follows:

  • EDM beats TOR = EDM has 16 pts
  • BC loses to CGY = BC has 16 pts
  • EDM and BC tie = they both have 17 pts

Therefore, if HAM only has 16 pts, then either BC or EDM crosses over and the other gets into the playoffs in the west. This is a very unlikely scenario, but man, will we be crying foul if this happens.

I see what you mean, but overall it comes down to the Cats being in charge of their destiny and winning both games.