Ticats Will Win Next Week!!!!

Place your bets the Ticats will win next week..... Why.... cause Printers is NOT playing!!!

Sorry just not going to happen, they need a few more peices to get up with the major players. Gone are the days of one or two teams dominating the league the top three teams in each division are interchangeable. BC, Calgary, and Sask all play at about that same lvl, Edm is getting back to where they used to be and would probably be there if it weren't for Machokeya. Tor, Mtl, and Wpg are all on about the same page even though Wpg just got their frist win they are a better team than the tabbies.

The 3 teams from each division that I just listed have tallented players to fit into most spots and have reliable depth for most positions as well. Not to be a complete jerk but there are more key players on the Riders injury list than Ham has at their disposal when everyone is healthy.

Printers is a hot head and I hope that Williams shows up and plays a big game to displace Printers. Lumsden is the best back in the league but in a passing league its not going to win you games all of the time believe me I know I watched it first hand with Kenton Keith. Tony MIles is not in the elite group of receivers in the league and Moreno might be the best LB in the league now that Simpson is hurt for the remainder of the year but for some absurd reason they let Armor go who was realistically the only other quality defender the tabbies had, for crying out loud the Tabbies have a TE/WR playing DE.

Now for the good stuff. I do think they are making a turn around but they will need 2 or 3 more key players in key spots to be able to compete week in and week out with the CFL elite. Maybe I am way off but that is what I see.

Printers is listed day to day with Sore Thumb.
I don’t think He or Miles will play this week.
But I am not a Doctor Trainer or Casey

Don’t think We’ll win this one.

Toronto's so much better than Hamilton, in fact, that they lost 32-13, at home, to those Tabbies in Week 2.

Maybe they thought they were playing golf.

I have a feeling Williams will keep this game a lot closer than people would expect.

who are they playing?

as if it matters...no printers, no miles, no chance.


cats have ZERO chance then.

This is the CFL, anything can happen. I wouldn't say any team in the league has zero chance of beating someone. The odds may not be good. I wouldn't bet the farm on a tabby win, but I wouldn't go as far as zero chance.

Montreal needs to bounce back from their two game losing streak. Hamilton is exactly what the doctor ordered.

three game losing streak