Ticats will Wait for Jesse to come to them

The Ticats will Let Jesse shop his Services to highest Bidder.
They will no pursue a Contact Extension hope the market not what he Expects..
This was CHCH news at 6 & 11 Ken Welch Reported it .

I agree let see what he worth on open market
Then if Wants to come back he'll come to us.
Then we make an offer at that time.
We have Enough Depth at RB
not go Crazy for a Running back

Obie said The said Jesse wants to come back then have be part of Team Running backs that run the ball.
Well no longer be 1 man wrecking crew.

WOW! This will be something to watch. I don't want to speculate on what waiting on the market will bring for Jesse, but I truly hope that he will be back. I like his heart and punishing running style but I trust in Obie's knowledge of the market and the team. I really thought that he and Printers were the duo that would be foundation players for years to come. I hope this still works out. It's true that if he goes the Cats still have solid runners, but imagine the power of the backfield if he stays. Linebackers beware!

Hey Onknight... Just saw the 11:00 sports on CH and I agree. Frankly, based on what Obie said, I would be very surprised to see Jesse back here in 2009. Bob didn't make it seem to be a priority to get him back and he is very comfortable with our other running backs.

I think Lumsden wants to be THE man in a backfield and there are a couple of teams that need a big play running back. The Eskies certainly come to mind in the west and even the dreaded double blue in the east.

I would like to see Jesse back here under a very heavily incentive laden contract. It will be very interesting to see who will take the gamble on his health...

KK and TC are very capable and with Jesse making a move out west (if it is his choice) then I am confident that our running game will be OK.

I like Jesse and want him to be a Cat but his contract has to be reasonable and fair to both him and the team. I wouldn't hold it against him if he wanted to be the feature player on another team though...

His feelings were hurt when we signed KK... his daddy made that very clear on whatever media outlet would listen to him.

I want to see him back but its not the end of the world if he feels he HAS to leave because he isnt loved anymore.

It great Move by Ticats . This is Why KK Was signed...

Jesse shouldn't listen to his daddy's propoganda.

He is biased. He works for the Eskimos.

Jesse is smart enough to know that Obie
didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

Jesse snubbed Obie's overtures all year

biding his time until after Valentine's Day 2009
hoping to find a compelling love/money match

so Obie took a big slice of the money Jessed left on the table
and gave it to a more durable veteran with better numbers.

That leaves less money for Jesse If he doesn't get
the bucks he wants by trying the free agency route.

Looks Like J L will Be BACK TO RUN over the TiCat D :oops:

No sir.

J.L. can't run if he doesn't play.
And he doesn't play if he is always hurt.
Let's get someone in who can last a full 18 game season. Even Caully was more durable, but we will need to wait & see how he responds to his knee troubles.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I still don't understand the logic of signing KK...even if it was to compensate for the possible loss of Jesse.

Of the four guys that ran the ball last year (Smith Caulley, Jesse, KK), KK was the least effective by far.

I don't see Jesse getting a lot of attention from anyone as a feature back.....maybe Edmonton, possibly the double blue.....the talent is there but he is like an exotic sports car that is always in the shop....looks good but you can only take it out once in a while...plus his Daddy is starting to remind me of Carl Lindros.

The Cats don't need these kinds of distractions.

There is always another guy waiting in the wings.

The only comparison between the two is that they both have athlete sons and that thier surnames begin with L.

Lots of people compare the two but it's pretty unfair. Mr. and Mrs. Lindros had no reason to appear on any media outlet other than to speak about thier son, while Neil Lumsden is both a high profile former athlete in his own right and also employed to run and promote various sporting endeavors. If Neil does a media tour to promote the Canadian Pond Hockey Championships, something he's professionally responsible for doing, part of the deal is that they'll ask him about the Jesse controversy. Not even close to being the same thing as what the Lindros's are vilified for.

The operative word is "starting". Obviously. Lindros Sr. set new standards for overbearing parents/agents all over the world to aspire to. I'm sure that Neil feels that Jesse is a hot commodity right now but I am willing to bet you both father and son are in for a big surprise....Edmonton may throw a reasonable amount of money at JL, but remember there aren't any guaranteed contracts in the CFL and there isn't any CFL team who is going to give Jesse as many chances as the Cats did.

BC, Calgary, Sask, Winnipeg and Montreal all have RBs who are as good or better than Jesse, despite what Neil may think. Jesse is one shoulder injury away from the end of the road..Any GM with half a brain knows this and will pay Jesse for what he really is....a talented risk. Neil seems to overvalue his son's worth which is very "lindros-esque".

I've always been rather puzzled by that signing as well. KK was quite the star when he was here with the Riders, but he sure showed me nothing during his brief tenure with the Cats last year. (Sort of like Printers !)

Easily, Smith Caulley and Lumsden out-peformed him.

I think it would be in Jesse's best interest to respond to Obie as soon as he is able and let him know that he and his old man understand that because of his twice torn labrum, he doesn't have nearly the marketability he once had.

I think also that the balance of CFL teams ALL understand this and are unlikely to offer Jesse any blockbuster contracts.

For 2009, I think Jesse has to prove he has some durability, and I don't think he does.

Overated - something like a train with out a track. Good luck with the big contract and watch out when you leave your house because your head will hit the door frame. Beacuse my daddy says sooooooooo......

This cheap shot is based on what exactly?

What is the purpose of getting so personal here?

jesus tom, we can hardly friggin understand what you're saying here pal-i think the cats should let you do a video post instead of written post. sorry pally but it's tough.


I think with a training camp under KK's belt and if he gets back to his CFL game weight, we may see a much improved performance from him.

I agree. KK was not in game shape when he signed with us. Plus, he didn't know the offence. Next year's offence will be built with his strengths in mind, and training camp will ensure that he starts the season fit. In other words, he will be the KK of old.

Maybe, but I still don't understand the signing......I really believe that any of the three RBs, Smith, Caulley, Lumsden, would have surpassed 1000 yds if they would have played 16-18 games.

It's all a question of value...how much BANG you get for your buck. KK's salary would have looked pretty good spent in an area that actually needed help, receiver, DB, rush end...whatever, not in the only area that the cats are neck deep in talent.

The Cats don't need Jesse.....he hasn't helped them win since he's been here. I can't see Edmonton paying him $$$$$$ to block in the backfield and to watch Ricky Ray pass the ball all day. Jesse, for all his ability, isn't a great pass blocker.

Jesse can't play the hometown hero card for much longer.....a good number of fans in Hamilton don't really care if he comes back because they are tired of his injuries and beleive that the remaining RBs can do the job.

Life is tough for all of us but even I feel sorry for Jesse.....still young but basically unsure of his future. The Cats have made it very clear that he really isn't wanted here, and despite what Jesse and Dad may think, he market value is really low right now. The only team that may give him what he wants are the Ar...s, who are so desperate to distract their fans from the fact that the team is a train wreck, that they will do just about anything.