Ticats will be wearing old school logo on Labour Day

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) and international sports and lifestyle brand, New Era Cap, have unveiled Turf Traditions – a group of products honouring the league’s historic past, while uniting fans and teams throughout the nation. Turf Traditions caps and t-shirts will be worn by players, coaches and sideline staff on Week 12 (September 1-2) for Mark’s Labour Day Weekend and Week 13 (September 6-7).

This stuff is cool

What is old is new again!

Thank you Grover!
I ordered a hat (among other things) today!

Bit of a misleading title. Was hoping it would be a jersey/helmet thing. .
Just New Era trying to sell some more stuff.

Onemoredork Power Rankings of New Era Merch.


Love the yellow helmets with the black and white stripes.

8)I bought 2 (New Era) coaches shirts a couple of weeks ago, and they are a sad comparison to
the good old Reebok and Addidas shirts from previous seasons !!

Thin material and cheaply made compared to the good old Reebok and Addidas shirts !!

Not too impressed with this New Era stuff at all :-[

Some nice looks. Hate to say it but i even like the Argo hat. Wouldn’t wear it mind you but looks good.

BC’s lion looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old.

It would be cool if they did an old school turf with the black and yellow numbers down the sidelines.

Even though this is about sideline gear, it IS possible they could tie into that and use old-school decals on the helmets. 150th would be a great reason to do that.

It’s like Edmonton and us have never really changed our logo, or had a secondary one. The other teams have a distinct different look.

Perhaps it’s time for us to mix things up a bit with a third/alternative logo?

We do have a couple of alternative logos, the ones with just the tiger head. But our primary logo, old and new versions, are classic. No need to mess with them.

I’d never want to change, but nothing wrong with some variety for a game or two. I suppose we have the stylized “H” as well.

The tiger head isn’t a significant enough departure from the leaping tiger imo.

There’s also the “TC” that they had on their helmets fire a while.

I don’t know if the Cats have anything different planned for what the players will be wearing today, but the visitors do. They’ll be in their regular white jerseys, with dark blue pants, but they’ll have their old, outstanding, football/boat logo on their dark helmets.

Sure would be good to at least see the old logo on the helmets.

Whatevs. They still named their team after a bunch of Greek seamen, know what I’m sayin’? ;D

I enjoyed seeing the old logo on the Argo helmets. Makes you feel nostalgic. :slight_smile:

I’m going to extend the Olive Branch myself now that we’ve comfortably won and say that Toronto has great colours.

Such a shame that an old North American professional club struggles with attendance.