Ticats will be okay!

Even though Hamilton lost in what appeared to be a blow-out, if you look at the stats the Ticats actually outplayed the Argos in yesterday’s game. If they had started Williams instead of Chang, Hamilton would have cruised to an easy win. Wait until Printers start and you have Williams as the back up! Here are the surprising stats:

                Ham     Tor

First Downs 23 17
Yards Rushing 173 69
Yards passing 181 305
Total offence 344 374
Team losses 10 12
Net offence 344 374
Passes made-tried 17-32 16-28
Return yards 361 203
Intercepts yards by 1-58 4-140
Fumbles-lost 1-0 0-0
Sacks by 0 1
Punts-average 5-41.6 3-43.3
Penalties-yards 6-53 3-30
Time of Possession 35:23 24:37

Toronto scored 2 touch downs off of easy interceptions. If you take the points away, you got a much closer game.

The Argos seems to think they’re back to being a good team, but I wouldn’t be so confident if I were them.
Realistically, the Argos didn’t win yesterday, they were given the victory by Timmy Chang.

Well I would not be too sure yet. You have to remember Casey (one guy) can not do it all. It is going to take time for the turn around but this is the right direction.

I dont see the cats out playing the argos with those stats.
They only lead in 4 of 12catagories and a few of them dont mean anything
Time of possition
Return yards.....
All three of those look good on paper but dont mean much over all

What are you talking about? You are not looking closely enough.

While what you say is technically true. Hamilton won 4 categories significantly (1st downs, yards rushing, return yards and time of possesion) while Toronto only won 2 categories significantly (yards passing and intercepts by). All other stats were basically even.

Now do you see what I am talking about?

Yes I do understand what you are saying.
What I am saying is that really the catagories that they won IMO dont really( I want to say dont mean much, but wont) reflect how they 2 teams measured up

I do agree with you in the sense that not all categories "mean something", but I believe all of the ones I mentioned are very meaningful.

However, the most meaningful stat in this game was "intercepts by" and Toronto won that one by a long shot. That, obviously, was the difference in the game.

All I'm saying is that if Chang hadn't started, I don't think the Argos would have scored as well as they did in that category.

Hopefully, now you will get what I am saying.

Just to be sure, are you saying that
1st downs, yards rushing, return yards and time of possesion are very meaningfull?

I think that of the 4, yards rushing is the only one that can have meaning.

Yes 1st downs are important because it indicates that your team is moving the ball effectively.

Return yards are important because it means that you are starting drives with good field position.

Time of possesion is very important because it tells you which team was controlling most of the play. Also if you are on the short end of this stat, then your defence is on the field too much which usually ends up meaning a loss. Toronto's defence was on the field almost 11 minutes longer than Hamilton's. Yes, that is significant.

Ok, Here is why I don't agree.
First downs
I can start on my own 35 yard line, 3 25 yard passes will get me into the end-zone but I will be credited with 2 first downs. Actually you can throw a 109 yard pass and run for a TD and not get credited with a first down.
You start at the same place and throw 10 yard passes and score you will have 7 first downs for the same result.

Return yards.
If I am scoring TD's, I am kicking off
If are not scoring you end up punting. Generally kick offs returns generate more yardage than punts.

Time of possession.
How many times do you see an opening drive for a TD where they chew up a good 5 minutes of the clock?
The same drive after the 3 minutes warning can be done in as little as 30 seconds or so.

Same result, big difference on the clock

You are trying to create scenarios to prove your point. And yes, I can agree that all of those things you said can happen. However, you have to admit that when a team leads significantly in those 4 categories I mentioned that 90% of the time they win the game. That's it. You can't honestly deny that. You would be lying to yourself or doing it so as not to admit you are wrong.

The reason why Toronto won was because of their dominance in the category of "intercepts by". Without that, they probably lose. If Williams had started, they wouldn't have won that category.

I don't disagree at all with what you are saying. All I am saying is that stats alone does not give a true rendition of the game

I always thought that if you get a TD, you are credited with a first down as well.

Do you even follow football? You can't just look at the stats and go "ok we should've won because we had more 1st downs". Anyone watching that game would conclude it was a convincing win for the ARRRRGOOOS!

Could be, I dont really know for sure.

Yes, I follow football. No, I'm not saying that Toronto didn't deserve to win that game. All I am saying is that it was not a convincing win. If I were an Argo fan I would be very worried about the way the last half of the game went.

Toronto scored two cheap touchdowns on easy interceptions by an ineffective Timmy Chang. If Williams had started this likely would not have happened. Take that away, the score is very close.

Furthermore, if you watched the game you would have noticed that Hamilton was coming back strong once Williams entered the game during the first half of the 3rd quarter. The ticats dominated the last half of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th. If there was such a thing as a 5th quarter, I guarantee Hamilton would have won the game.

You can disagree with me, but I think if you really thought about you would agree.

And as for you saying that anyone watching the game would agree that it was a convincing win for Toronto I have to also disagree. The only people who have said that to me are Argo fans who didn't even watch the game, but saw the highlights on tv.

Everyone that I know who actually watched the game, agree with what I have said.

Football games are 60 minutes bud, 4 quarters. Warren Moon couldn't have forced overtime yesterday, given the score at the end of the 3rd Q.

You obviously missed my point. I know football is 60 minutes and if Williams had played 60 minutes Hamilton would have won. End of story.

I think the only important category is actual points scored. At the end of the day, that determines who was the most effective (either by the winning team playing the best, or by them simply taking advantage of the other team's problems). I'm pretty certain that TO won that category....

Exactly. Williams has no starts, you are talking about an unproven rookie QB who yes has looked good when he's played, but he hasn't done anything in this league in terms of a full game performance. You are also igonoring the fact that Hamilton has the worst defence in the league and it shows every game.

Whatever. You don't seem to get my point and I am tired of trying to explain it. You don't get it and that's fine. I'm done with this topic.