Ticats week 4 depth chart

Missing these players to start: Wynn, Irons, Daly, Addison, Van Zeyl, Posey, Green, Marshall , Mulumba
, Tucker, Laurent and Davis . Too many starters either on injured , practice list with one ineligible! This is why we don’t have this team clicking yet! Too many new faces with lots of CFL experienced riding pine. People its not Mazola’s fault entirely you need the quality TOOLS :hammer_and_pick: to get the job done ! :football::muscle::muscle:t5:

Hate to say it but this doesnt look good at all. A lot of question marks IMO. The LT position is hugely important and we're just throwing apparently anyone there. Injuries are killing us. Our WR group was supposed to be the best in the league and it too is in shambles at the moment.

I am very confused why management decided to enter the season with a swiss cheese OL given how important this year was coming off our best season ever and the Grey Cup being hosted in town. We flat out released our starting LT after 2 games! Could they not see he was terrible in training camp or was our DL so bad that they misjudged his talent?? Really hoping this team surprises me tomorrow.

Mazola sighting

He is, but he is a little short and bit light at 6'3, 283 lbs. Van Zyle was also a converted Dlinemen, but he's 6'5 315 lbs.

A university trained and drafted D-Lineman transitioned to O-Line guard, switched to LT is massive. Instead of going against interior lineman he is going against speedy DEs.
Like I have posted before try to isolate on watching Okafor for a few series and grade him like a coach would.

So did that rule about American veterans replacing injured Canadian starters have any impact on us?

Seems to me that any American with 3+ years of experience is already starting. And the available back-up Americans have closer to 3 games of experience.

@ExPat are you referring to the CFL rule that may have been proposed after 2019? I'm iffy about when, but the number of Americans on the field was to be reduced at the same time as American vets with 3 years experience on their current team or with 5 years in the league, were to be counted as 'nationals.' Was it scrapped? Or was I hallucinating at the time?

I can't find a great article explaining the rule. It's like everyone has agreed that it shall remain mysterious. Naylor takes a crack at it here:

Naylor’s Kickoff: Buckle up for a CFL season unlike any other

Beginning this season, when a starting Canadian player is injured during a game he can be replaced by an American, provided that American is a veteran, which means he’s in either his third year with the same team or fourth overall in the league.

Yes, you read that correctly.

This breaks a golden rule for any competitive sport: never set up a situation where a team can benefit by virtue of an injury.

But that’s exactly what the CFL has done.

For example, a team forced to start an inexperienced Canadian can “fix” that problem by simply having that player go down in a game so that he can be replaced by a veteran American.

And by go down, we mean anything – a cramp, a pulled muscle, a stomach ache. None of it can be proven or disproven.

But it gets better.

That Canadian who comes out of the game to be replaced by an American? He’s still eligible to come back into the game!

And there is no restriction on the number of times this can happen during a game, including simultaneously. In theory, a team could replace more than one of its starting Canadians at any point in a game, as long as it has enough veteran Americans waiting in the wings.

The reality is that many teams won’t have veteran American backups available. But there are certainly ways to arrange the roster so that they do, especially if you knew you were starting an injured Canadian who is unlikely to hold up for an entire game, whether that player lasts until the fourth quarter or goes down on the second play of the game.

Funny phrasing.
Naylor's piece is from earlier this month. What I remember was a proposal that went back a couple years and likely died with the 2020 season. If it got past the proposal stage at all.
It was like I describe it above and it had nothing to do with injuries. It was how American vets could become Canadians in the eyes of the CFL depending on their length of service. I remember thinking this was going to be great; Simoni, Brandon and Luke are now going to get counted as nationals.
Am I nuts? Did anybody else ever read this?

Yep. That was a proposal. You're not crazy.

It's for in game injuries, you can't count count a veteran CFL player of 4 years or 3 years with the same as national at the Start of the game. The problem is most vets are already starting.

Sure but you can start rookie imports in place of vets, then have a Canadian or two pull a Mike Maurer (remember Maciocia's designated injury guy) and sub in your vets on the first play and then you can get your American rookies into the lineup around the ratio.

There is definitely going to be teams that exploit this loophole.

As stated most American vets are already starting but there may be some designated import kick returners or sixth defensive back who could potentially fit the bill for a team.

About the only way I see this working for Hamilton is if Posey or Addison come back after their time on ir and dress as an extra receiver for injury insurance - then could potentially go in for Ungerer for example without skewing the ratio. Not likely but a possibility. Or maybe one of Brooks or Rolle dress as extra dbs for whatever reason then go in for Adeleke.