Ticats week 4 depth chart

Depth Chart at MTL

Good to see Adeleke and Laurent back starting.

Van Zeyl and Mauldin now on the 6-Game Injured List. 6'9" Murray starts at RT.
6'3" Dunbar starts at WR and Acklin is shown as a SB. Howsare shifts into Davis' spot, with Carney starting in his, on the DL. Adeleke and Brooks are both back and starting in the back end. Hills will dress behind STE, and Domagala will be the kicker. 4 making their CFL debuts -- Murray, Dunbar, Hills & Domagala. Gnahoua should, again, be the Reserve.

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Howsare, Carney and Wilson better step it up on the D-line. Running around and chasing, but not catching the quarterback, and failure to stop the run won't cut it for very much longer.


I figure our front 7 will get a healthy dose of Stanback.
Stop him and we will have a pretty good chance
VAJ has not been accurate with his throws and we finally have our Defensive backfield intact

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Tight coverage from the replenished DBs can help the pass rushers, but it doesn't really help our run defence. The patchwork D-line is the key variable/unknown on our defence.

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That depth chart is quite interesting. Good to see Brooks and Adeleke back. That should help the D-Line get some pressure if the Al's receivers are well covered.

Nice to see Domagala finally get a shot at the pro level. The Carleton product has been in the Cat's system for a few years now.

The O-Line is really beefed up with massive Jordan at RT. Hopefully Okafor learned something from the last game. The coaches still believe in him.

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They must believe in Okafor's talent, because they have been developing him since they drafted him in 2017.

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Some observations...Defence and Specials .

That D-Line is a just a tad bit scary... BUT not in a good way .
If Gnahoua is the reserve it will leave us only 1 deep in depth for both outside and inside positions . No Davis , no Wynn for this one as well as Mauldin .

The projected starting 5 in the D-Backfield are all finally healthy for the first time this season .

The LB's show only one change from last game as Chris Frey makes his season debut backing up Knox in the middle . Unfortunately though in order to get Frey in the lineup special team ace Beverette is the victim of the roster shuffling and has been demoted to the PR .

Specials sees a new fgk in Canadian Domagala finally make his pro football debut replacing Bertolet who has been placed on the PR .

I don't think Gnahoua will be the reserve. I think Coulter Woodmansey will be the reserve once again, the same as he was for the Saskatchewan game.

Nice to see Domagala get a shot. Also interesting to see what Dunbar can do, a bigger body on the outside with some height. He was on our practice roster I believe at the end of 2019. We seem to always be heavy at linebacker and light on backups at db. Mind you most of the backup linebackers are on special teams.

I guess Murray in for van Zeyl means they needed to swap Bertolet out for a Canadian Domagala.

Where do you get confirmation of which player is named the reserve for a game?
I don't know how to find out and have been guessing, each game -- Game 1 - Hills, Game 2 - Gnahoua and Game 3, now, also Gnahoua. Another possibility, this week, could be Whitford, leaving all kicking duties with Domagala.

(A little later - added note) I have, since, found where to look for confirmation of who was named the Reserve, in previous games. There's a player game participation listing, for previous games, included at the end of the Game Notes, made available the day prior to each game. Confirmed, there - Hills for Game 1, and Woodmansey for Game 2. I was wrong on guessing Gnahoua and have to agree, now, with mightypope2 that Woodmansey is the most likely player to be this week's Reserve.

It's listed in the depth charts under the column "final stats". At the bottom of the starting line-ups and substitutes lists it lists the reserve. Woodmansey was the reserve for game 2.

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Thank you. I don't know just when the names of the Reserve are made available there on the TiCat site but, almost certainly, before the next game's notes are available.

Our depth chart is rather shallow.
Hope for the best and expect the worst.
That OLine is at the moment the worst in the league. Okafor starting out of position at the most important spot on the OLine. i don't even know what to say with this.
Watch for a lot of running and roll-out to the right side.
One defensive TD
And we have a chance.

PS I wouldn't mind Speedy getting a couple touches returning kicks.

If Speedy still has rib issues, I doubt they’ll take any chances.

If the Alouettes miss a field goal I'm sure he will.

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One would think that this shouldn't be such a huge issue. He's an o-line man isn't he? It's not like they're putting a 200 lb safety there. Sure there are guys who for whatever reason (usually body type) are better suited inside or out, but tackle and guard is 85-90% the same. You square up keep your feet on the ground and block a guy. One might expect a small drop in performance but it shouldn't be a disaster.

From what I read Yarborough was mainly a centre in college but also played some guard and tackle. Surprised they wouldn’t try him at left tackle and move Okafor inside. Will be watching that matchup with Simmons on the outside