Ticats want Stanford Samuels, but is it too late?

Desjardins wants Samuels:

[url=http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=hamilton/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1171666212504&call_pageid=1112274690688&col=1112274690756]http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/NASApp ... 2274690756[/url]

But according to "sources," Samuels has already agreed to a contract with Edmonton:

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Eskimos/2007/02/17/3640236-sun.html]http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Eskim ... 6-sun.html[/url]

However, no contract has been signed. Samuels did the same thing to Winnipeg (verbally agreeing to a contract, but not actually signing one. In other works, pulling a "Kharikari" to jack up his salary in negotiations with other teams).

Bottom line: until he signs a contract with the Eskimos, there is still a possibility that Samuels may become a Ticat. But he will be expensive. Is he worth big bucks, or are we alright with the DB's we currently have?

Apparently Marcel thinks we need to strengthen ourselves at CB

I still think we have some strong CBs on the roster.

Veteran DB Sam Young was a Western All Star in 2004.

I am not sure if he was a CB or a DB that year
He played a lot of D-Back for us last yeat.

Newcomer Lawrence Gordon settled in well for us late last season.

Jykline Bradley has show some flashes of excellent play.

is omar morgan stilll available? and we need a LB, especialy if armour cant play

i really dont think we need anyone else at CB. We have Tay Cody who is amazing, Jykine Bradley who is my favorite and i think could be a big star this year, Tad Kornegay, Sam Young and Lawrence Gordon who have all proven they can keep up and are decent players.

I wouldn't worry about DBs if I was running the show in Hamilton (except maybe safety). Cody is a star at HB (NOT a CB, geez don't put him out there), Gordon I think is a budding star at CB; with Young on the other corner, and with Bradley, Kornegay, et al I think you're okay there.

Where the Ticats need the most help on defence is at linebacker, particularly in the middle, and you may have missed the boat on not signing John Grace, but I guess we'll have to see how the new guys pan out in training camp.

Too bad it's only February; I'm getting so itchy I may have to fork out for ESPN classics to watch old CFL games......

We have had the worst pass defence in the cfl for 3yrs now!What we have is not good a enough and it is not getting any better.I don't know if Samuels can help but somethig needs to be done

We need a Safety.


he is an eskimo

too little ........too late, typical ti-cat style.

could still happen if MD throws enough cash at the guy. with him and NML in the fold i'd say the first FA period for MD would be considered a success.

The ONLY player good enough is Tay Cody with Goss gone we need someone! saying we don't need him is crazy. We need someone that will get the job done, Bradley is one of my favourite but he got burnt a lot last year. I think we need a great CB in Samuels, edmonton has no one in the free agent market so how much more money could they have than us to spend??

Interested in the Esks finanaces?...

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2007/02/08/3559200-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 0-sun.html[/url]

Coverage of the NFL, CIS and NCAA.

Times are a-changin'

Some will take pay cuts, others cut

Edmonton Eskimos coach Danny Maciocia has some tough decisions to make on who will stay and who will go in the upcoming season. (Sun Media File/Brendon Dlouhy)

Receivers to battle

In the new world order of the CFL, Danny Maciocia is facing some very tough decisions.

Desperately wanting to improve from last year and pledging to cut costs to be at the $4.05-million salary cap to start the season, the Edmonton Eskimos head coach is about to do some serious evaluating.

"I can honestly say - with the exception of maybe Jason Tucker and Ricky Ray - everybody (from last year's team) will be evaluated," said Maciocia. He will study every game tape from last year, watching nearly every player.

"Are we happy with that individual? Do we bring him back and bring competition (to camp)?

"Or do we just cut our ties with that individual?

"Those are the decisions that need to be made."


Maciocia has already decided that some players must take pay cuts.

Approximately $250,000 over the $4.05-million figure to end 2006, a couple of Eskimos have already been asked to accept a decreased salary while two more will soon be asked.

"If they want to be an Eskimo, they could agree to such a pay cut," continued the coach.[/b]

While no names are being mentioned by Eskimo brass, rumours suggest Troy Davis has been asked to take a lower salary.

But his agent denies the report.

For months, the future of veterans Ed Hervey, Mookie Mitchell and Singor Mobley have been up in the air, but Maciocia isn't going to rush into any decisions. There's no timetable.

What is most important to Maciocia is drastically improving the roster from last year when the club finished with a 7-11 record.

"We have some tough decisions to take here - I'm not going to deny that," he continued.

"It's about playing in the ultimate game. In order to do that we are going to have to make some changes.

"We are going to have to get younger at certain positions."


So far this off-season, the Esks have signed 11 new players, including seven who are 26 years old or younger.

"There are some youngsters that we are signing that we feel are going to be the future of the Eskimos - not in three or four years (but) in 2007," said Maciocia.

And more youngsters are about to be signed.

Scouring the U.S. more than last year, Maciocia has arranged additional free-agent try-out camps.

But first on the agenda is the CFL congress next week to receive a further education on the salary cap.

Apparently, teams can be over the cap during the regular season but must be down to the limit by Week 19.

Maciocia wants to play it a different way.

While numbers aren't set in stone yet, expect the Esks to be well under the cap to start the year with pools of money to draw from for problems.

For example, a theoretical pot of $100,000 for mid-season transactions, another $125,000 for practice roster players and another $100,000 to pay for injured players

Essentially, the Eskimos have asked some players to take paycuts and some have agreed. As well,many vets will be re-evaluated and may be released like Hervey, Mitchell, Mobley, Brady, Garret, Gass. Malcolm Frank retired, and I'm sure he had a fairly large salary. Expect many of the RB's that the Esks currently have to be cut after training camp. To replace these more than likely soon to be cut veterans the Esks have signed many relatively cheap youngsters. The Eskimos, as are most teams in the CFL, are dedicated towards staying under the salary cap in '07.

And by the way, Omar Morgan is still available for around $150,000. Although the salary is quite large, I'm sure the ticats could sign him given their cap situation.

To answer the thread, yes. Same goes for Morgan. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

and bush… and malbrough… and…

Samuels can play man coverage better than anybody on our roster. He would be a huge addition. I would think we would have a shot because of the Greg Butler connection. Hopefully he hasn't signed with edmonton already.

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In this case everyone's favourite new member, truwacko,
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