Ticats vs Two Colours

Just got back from my mom's funeral day (I conducted) and no thread. I need this input guys!

Razzle dazzle play backfires. Good start for Cats D.

My condolences oski we we

Thanks. I'm hoping this game will be some therapy. Nice start so far.

Hey 99 - saw we both started a thread at same time. Sorry.


But we score!

Able Gable fuckin eh!

No I wanted somebody to start one thx mark !

Hey gang! nice start for both D and O. Keep the momentum boys

Yup Defense did their job and got the OTTRBs off the field in record time. Short field certainly helped but Ticats O is really rolling so far! Nice to get a TD on the opening drive for a change! When was the last time THAT happened?

Where IS everybody?

Who could have figured on a fast start for both units?
Great grab by Saunders to get the major catch there and Masoli catches him on the run by leading him perfectly.

Woo Hoo.... more on the board. Late getting to your seats guys!

Time to get 'em off the field again D!!

As I was saying..... :smiley: :smiley:

I like the way Aultman looks upfield first when he gets the ball on the kick.

Boyz I have a funny feeling we can do this tonight ?!

Solid start

My condolences Mark

Family dropping in and out tonight so if I disappear for a while please keep it going gang.

We are an offensive machine!

If they can keep playing like they are so far then I do believe you're right! :smiley: :DThe offense is threatening to score again! At worst they'll get a FG.

Dang cross bar. That was 7