Ticats vs Stampeders

bad snaps... could we see the usual self destruct of the stamps? at least we got a single out of it to regain the league

Snap issues going on for Calgary, thus a booming punt for a single

great to see taylor doing better. i think he adds more then just returns though.

great return wasted with a field goal…

I had to check, but it turns out that 24 points is the second highest scoring Calgary has done this season.

another wasted time out. i dont get it. right at the end of the third... like in the first half, at the end of the first. against a team like hamilton, those timeouts are real important at end of half and end of game. hope it doesnt bite us in the butt

Love seeing parker get in there!!!

3 and 1 points aint gonna cut it. hamilton it too good.

And we get another 15 yarder...

On the plus side; 12 unanswered points scored for Calgary.... Rock on

he Backer… Do you remember edmonton in the late 80’s and early 90’s… when they had the lead in the fourth quarter, they would just hand off th that monster named Marshal? he destroyed us all the time. always took away any hope of comebacks back then.

Blake Marshall; Great Full Back built solid tough

he crushed a lot of players as well as my dreams of beating edmonton back then.

I know what you mean as I was a Lions fan back then

Lewis is seriously money on this team. i really hope that him or simon break the consecutive games with catches some day. i know its a lot of years away, but Lewis and simon are healthy, and they got lots of games left.

Dont like the two and outs though.

Skookum; A Duval coffin corner punt by Dales :thup:

i like seeing the punters do their job! and competeing against medlock must drive a guy crazy.

this is a long field... one mistake could end this game for either team.

backer-why did you switch from the lions to the esks??


He’s a Bomber fan 8)

In 2006 with that Quarterback thing with Printers (MVP) was what did it for me. Met Ricky Ray in 2009 also; Eskie fan :rockin:

And this one is in the bag. Good job Stamps.