Ticats vs Stampeders

that was a great romp for sure. bryant keeps catching out of bounds. if this was southern ball, he would be catching balls in the stands.

if hughs didnt get so selfish, we could have got the ball back. there was no reason to even try to hit.

that pass interference was a terrible call!!!!! they can both go for the ball.

Calgary got one back however; Major foul

jimenez is about the dirtiest in the CFL. im suprised hes stillin the league. only in hamilton.

Medlock is just lights out.

Really good game thus far!

That it is. This game is going down to the wire...

So far so good; Second half adjustments have been fairly good for Calgary. 20-13 Ti-Cats at the half

last year calgary was a third quarter defensive machine. lets see if they can get that back

on the main page the thread is only a few pages long. on the ticats forum its 14. funny stuff.

hey look, its sara!

if tally goes out, they need to put in taylor full time... but they need him on returns. perhaps put in parker?

The Hamilton forum has the most posts of any.............oh no an injury. Update to follow by Sara

tisdale is having a pretty good game. not sure why hamilton didnt want to keep him.

My guess is that he was released to make room for some young talent. That's been Bob O'Billovich's MO since becoming the GM.

love watching the blocking by lewis!!

plus 15 for the penalty!!!

wally was the same in Calgary. release guys before the prime was done. anderson and pitts come to mind.

im not a bishop fan... but i tell ya, i feel like tate doesnt look ready yet.

First and goal at the one; TD Calgary 20-20 now

the ref had to make that call no matter what cris and Rod say. you cant just push the guy out of the endzone before the ball is there... Hopefully calgary will start running the ball. need to give the O line a break from pass rush and screens. time to open some holes so the backs can get out!

we needed that stop!!