Ticats vs Stampeders

Don't let me down boys. Time to catch the Eskies in the west.

Go Stamps Go!!!!!!

this game is so important for us!! We can get within striking distance of edmonton, and more importantly, we pull away from bc and sask

Quick fast start; Burris is looking good so far with a nice touch on the TD

I feel when talking about softmore canadian recievers, we need to include forzanni in that conversation.

Great start for the stamps. lots of rotating of taylor in.

with RJ still out, and rambo out, it looks like a juggling act. taylor rotating in and out. arthur is playing inside of forzanni, and the other side has tally and Lewis. would love to se arthur get some catches. i would like to see some rookies get in once in a while.

Take a look at the left side, washington it starting. i have been following the washington story all year. check the stamps forum here for more info.

Medlock is honesly awesome. i wasnt a big fan of his in toronto, mainly cause i didnt like andrus. i like the white pants better then the red pants. the all red didnt look that that good.

arthur makes a TD! Canadians looking good so far. Hope it stands.


got a field goal at least.

Correct call was made, didn't take long from the command centre. Fieldgoal none the less 10-3 Calgary

right call was made. stoopid pass interference killing me. we handed them that TD.

Good to see im not the only one watching the game.

loooool, oh my god, I love Dave Stala for that gummy bear joke. :lol:

It was so bad, it was good.

Nice flow to the game I must say at this point........Let's go Stamps

waste of a timeout!

Dave Stala is a cool guy, good receiver and thus I think that's the first time I've heard a joke from any player when the camera man is lurking around.

I have no idea who is going to win this game. Could end up being the best game of the season, so far anyhow.

except for the second half of the toronto game, this has been a great weekend of football.

Claybrooks gets away with one. lol

The o line for hamilton is doing really well. lots of time for glen.

i find that saporro commercial quite bizzar and even a little racist... LOL

hey look, its sara!

we need to run more.

I think an Eskie player got away with one also in the Toronto or the B.C. game at Commonwealth. Sara doing her job. :thup:

i find this year and last in the CFL they have really lightened up on calling any contacting the kicker calls. remember in the late 90's early 2000's? even if you breathed on the kicker they called a penalty.

good hit by smith.

if the stamps cant get some preasure on Glen, we are gonna be in for a crappy night.

Nice call there for a good pass and run and now Burris too on the next play