Ticats vs Riders Trade... both Lose!

So let me get this straight.

Hamilton already has one of the best RB in the league with Ranek so they didn't need Holmes (unless just for KR)
They also have Mass so they didn't need Joseph.
I thought they might pick up Banks.

Sask has Crandell AND Greene which I think can still play if he doesn't get injured but picking up a 3rd running QB?
Armstead was a shoe-in cause they needed a WR but they gave up a lot for another QB.

Now I'm asking, Rider fans, do you really think Joseph is that much better than Crandell and Greene?

They can't keep 3 high priced QBs either... so Greene is out??? Where??? Winnipeg?

Hamilton got the best of this deal. Having Holmes and Ranek both in the backfield is a dangerous combination and should help give Maas, who isn't a scrambler, more options in the pocket. Don't forget that Holmes can also line up as a receiver. Plus they get a potential starting safety and a Canadian draft pick. Katz swindled Shivers on this one.

Joseph is definitely an upgrade on Crandell and Greene, neither of whom are starting QBs in this league anymore. IF the Roughies can get Joseph going early and use his scrambling ability in tandem with Kenton Keith, they'll be deadly. But Joseph has to a) stay healthy b) cut down his INTs and c) make smarter decisions with the football. He could be deadly with Dominguez, Armstead, and Jamal Richardson.

My guess is that Greene is done in Regina. He's a weaker copy of Joseph who can't throw the deep ball. Crandell is at least competent; he'll never win you a game on his own, but he won't lose it for you either.

the bombers now have 5 qbs on the roster........Greene wont be showing up here anytime soon........he could end up somewhere tho if a starter goes down early on........BC and DD......

I think Hamilton definitely got the better of the deal. A good Canadian DB, a draft pick and Holmes for a player (in essence) that they weren't going to take anyway. Shivers totally panicked. Winnipeg got the best guy available.

.......straight up, Greene to BC for McCallum.......

WestCoastEasy makes a good point, i think we did come away with the best.

Nice try Red, You’ve been hanging around Papa and Piggy too long.

I’d take Buck Pierce over Greane anyday. Besides Wally is bringing some hot shot kid from Texas to challenge Pierce and Jackson.

I could see Greene going to Hamilton.

Nice try Red, You've been hanging around Papa and Piggy too long.

......and RedW....is getting better informed every day.....lol lol

I'm posting way to much now, but I have to say s/t about this

we will see how the trade effects the Ridersm, but without a doubt that benefated form the D darft the most, which is a bit suspect, but whatever.

and Hamilton has really improved, they should have a good season.